Run Like A Girl - Nike's Women's Marathon

Yes.  I was selected.  For the Full Marathon.  Let’s not go there yet, shall we?

Yes.  I bought Mizunos again.  I thought I had 140 miles on my old ones.  Went to my Runner’s World Training Log.  They had 247.  It was time, because I am really hard on shoes.  I ran again and again, and I liked them.  The only thing about Mizunos:  When they’re done, it’s like a flat tire.  I run 5 in the morning.  We’ll see.

Yes.  I had a telephone interview at an online public school in California.  It went well.  I was excited.

I’m out of excuses.  Excited, nervous.  Self doubt.  Lots of that.  Now I just need to retrain my head.

7 thoughts on “This day in pictures.

  1. Alright – good news all around! At least…I think it is.

    Have you done a full marathon yet? I forget…well, either way – I’m sure many gals would kill to be in your position.

    Best of luck with everything (job search, marathon training, etc)

  2. Woo hoo!! Just concentrate on the half mary right now. No worries about the marathon. You’ll get there and you’ll succeed. 🙂

    I’m hard on shoes too. Mine usually crap out at about 300-350 miles. Maybe I should try something other than Asics?

    Fingers crossed that you get the job!!

  3. “Online public school”? What’s that?

    I know what it’s like with the shoes. I recently went to some Asics GT-2140s and have about 400 miles on them. I used to run in Asics Kayanos that gave me all of about 250 to 275…..

  4. Yeah for all of your wonderful news! a chance to run a full, new shoes, and maybe a new opportunity!

    I run in 2130s and Kayanos, I rotate them, and get about 500 miles out of both pair.

  5. yayyyyyy lots of great news!!!! full marathon 🙂 VERY exciting!!! i am hoping to be out there cheering again!!

    love the shoes… mine tend to die just under 300 miles too 😦 i wish i could get more out of them but it just doesnt happen.

    good luck with the job!!

  6. Congrats on NIKE! I must be the only person who didn’t get selected!!!

    I am co-dependent on my asics!!! So I understand…but I am the slowest runner on the planet!

    Thanks so much for your kind words!

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