Date: 3/31/2009 5:30 AM
Type: Easy
Course: 5 Spring Creek-Starbucks
Distance: 5.01 miles
Duration: 52:47
Pace: 10:33 / mile
Shoe: Mizuno Alchemy
Weight: same
Weather: 47° F, Sunny
Statistics: Calories: 701
VO2 Max: 28.6

Is it the shoes?  Was it the weather?  How do I, the slowest runner on earth, do a 10:33 pace this morning?  For those of you who are 8 minute milers (or faster), I know…this is like walking for you.  But for me.  Wow.

Which leads me to my post title.  I think I’m Co-Dependent on my Mizunos.  How does one know they’re co-dependent?  (Lifted from Melody Beattie)

As adults, codependent people have a greater tendency to get involved in relationships with people shoes who are perhaps unreliable, emotionally unavailable, or needy. And the codependent person tries to provide and control everything within the relationship without addressing their own needs or desires; setting themselves up for continued unfulfillment.

I bought these shoes with the highest of hopes, and just like loving an alcoholic, I know I can make this relationship happen.  And, my thought process goes something like this:

  • This time it’s going to be different.
  • They won’t let me down.
  • If I run the right way, they won’t break down as fast.

I ran this morning with my denial perfectly in tact.  Yes, I know they will break down, and when they do…Boom.  All at once.

However, for today…today…they were good to me.

5 more in the books.

4 thoughts on “Mizunos Co-Dependency

  1. First, CONGRATS on making into Nike! Whoot!

    Second, wow I thought my Nikes were bad. I typically only get 300 miles out of them. But 247?!? Geez!

    Third, LOVING the new look! Very Springy! ;D

  2. I see a lot of people have multiple pairs of shoes. But I am definitly dependent on my one pair. Sometimes I will have the best run of my life, others it feels like I am running with shoes Ive never tried on. ugh.

    Keep it up!!

  3. great run! there are few things i enjoy more than a great run where you look back and say “wow” was I fast today! glad the new shoes felt good!

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