I love running to this song.

Wise men say that if you get new shoes, and you are faster in them, it must be the shoes.  Took 8 seconds off Tuesday’s run.  We passed three runners groups of women (fast), and I had pizza last night, so I wasnt’ feeling it.  Until Mile 4.  I love this route, also.

As we ran our last half mile, a skinny coyote loped across the street, and we got, um, a little faster.  Made it to Starbucks, and felt good. 

The 10 miler looms on Saturday.  Trying to do one thing at a time.  There were only 3 women in my town who got into the Nike Marathon, and I’m not stressing, but still.  It’s a long way away.

First I have to get through double digit miles this weekend.

Date: 4/2/2009 5:30 AM
Type: Easy
Course: 5 Spring Creek-Starbucks
Distance: 5.01 miles
Duration: 52:39
Pace: 10:31 / mile
Shoe: Mizuno Alchemy
Weight: same
Statistics: Calories: 701
VO2 Max: 28.7

7 thoughts on “*wise men say*

  1. excellent run! I’m sure seeing a coyote would but a little extra quick in my step. you will do great this weekend.

  2. Remember Ms V. – as my running club coach told us all the first time we started going 14+ miles, “Distance is easy. Just run slower. Oh – and take some water too. And a few bucks in case you need to call a cab.”

    You’ll do fine. Don’t go out too fast. And do take some water.

  3. Hahaha, UB40 … oh them memories! You’ll rock out double digs this weekend. And I think I can speak for everyone saying we would run much faster with a coyote anywhere within a mile of us, haha 🙂

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