It’s Friday.  I’m tired. 

  • 10 mile run scheduled for 5:15am tomorrow.  My two favorite 5 milers back to back.  After tomorrow, I can say I have run double digits.
  • Run To The Finish sent me the Pro Wash that I won on her blog.  Thank you!
  • The CA State Controller sent free tax service into my county this week, and I was the recipient of their goodness.  Plus, I’m getting some $$ back, which is good…but better than that was the kindness these two preparers offered me.  As you may remember, I was divorced in November, but no, it turns out I was married up unitl March 15th.  What?  These people spent 1.5 hours with my long form.  And did not complain. I was blessed.
  • I love my dog.  But she is very high maintenance.  I’ve got a ripped out kennel (chain link), she’s a 5 time felon (the dog catcher loves her), and yesterday I come home to the door jamb in my bedroom completely torn off the wall.  She jumps over my 8 foot fence, and is a menace.  Except that I love her.  She brought my boys through a bad year, and we are all broken hearted, because we don’t know what to do.  She’s the size of a fox. 
  • Manny Ramirez:  Narcissist.  Enough said.  He needs to do more than put our bodies in the stadium this year though…
  • My girls are coming.  Every summer since 2004, six of us from all over the country meet at someone’s home.  We have been to North Carolina, Virginia, New Hampshire, Nebraska2008 was supposed to be at my home.  But…one of us got cancer, a few of us lost our jobs, etc.  My house was up in the air.  They are coming this summer.  We don’t know if I’ll still be in my home, but that doesn’t really matter, does it.  My girls are coming.
  • I applied to the Army as a Social Worker.  I applied for the waiver, which will say that a 50 year old CAN work!  (Only supposed to be 42 at the max)
  • ER  Ended.  I loved the ending, as it played the original theme music. Time does indeed march on.

I’m out for today.  I’m sure I’ll be back in bragging/whining form tomorrow after 10.  It’s windy as hell, but sunny in beautiful Northern CA.  Have a great Friday!!

    9 thoughts on “bullet point madness

    1. Dog sounds like a rebel! I have always wanted to try pro wash, let us know how it is. Manny Being Manny, glad he is out of Boston, he was a bad seed

    2. Good luck on the 10 miler
      Enjoy your girl friends
      As for the dog, got no help for you I have the same problem
      With my beagle.

    3. you will do amazing on your 10M tomorrow, welcome to the double! re: friends, as long as you get together, that is all that matters, cardboard box or the Ritz Hotel.

    4. oh crap I missed ER…Yes, we will be there! have a good run tomorrow, you will be so pumped when you are finised, but why so damn early, it is the weekend!

    5. Good luck tomorrow. Remember – when you get to mile 5, finishing is easy – you’ve run 5 before. When you get to mile 8, finishing is easy – only 2 more miles to go. When you get to mile 9 – finishing is easy becuase you only have a mile left. And anyone can run a mile!

    6. Ms. V. as usual appreciate your following my blog. I hope that your 10 miler went well. You must be a special person to have such a circle of friends and supporters. Hope that you enjoyed your visit with your friends. I know you will.

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