Date: 4/4/2009 5:30 AM
Type: Hill
Course: 5 x 2 = 10
Distance: 10 miles
Duration: 1:56:00
Pace: 11:36 / mile
Shoe: Mizuno Alchemy
Weight: -2.4  YAY
Weather: 44° F, Sunny
Statistics: Calories: 1392
VO2 Max: 26.9

Ten miles was on the schedule this week.  We are actually done with the Hal Higdon training, but decided to repeat the last week, since Lisa said she wished she had had one more long run on the schedule.

We walked down to Starbucks, because that was our halfway and ending point of our run.  I made two five mile loops around the city, with our two favorite routes. 

The first five were uneventful, but joyous.  How is it that I’m liking this?  We stopped for a brief pit stop at Mile 1.  It was 44 degrees, and 5:30am, so I had on a hat and my sweatshirt wrapped around my waist.  Mile 4 is when we head over the catwalk.  I was just trying to keep my head on the first five.

We stopped at Starbucks.  I changed to the Headsweats I won at Quadrathon last summer.  Tossed the hat and sweats, tried to do a pretzel, but it is not good.  I will have to be all liquid.  Had some Vanilla Hammer Gel in a half bottle of water, so that was great.  However, we stopped a bit too long.

Mile 6 was over the beast, which took 4 minutes.  It’s the overpass by the truckstop.  At Mile 7, we turned right into the sunrise.  I had to keep my head down or the sun would be directly in my eyes.  Kim took off at Mile 8.  She just had a burst of energy.  I thought I had slowed down, but no…she rocked it.  At Mile 9, I had a twinge in both sets of toes.  I had to take off the headphones and actually talk to myself.

Remember, you have one mile to go.  You can do one mile.  Keep going. [I looked at my shadow in the brick wall] and said…Okay, time to lose a quick five pounds before the Half, because you’re just carting these things around with you.

I have recommitted to lose these pounds that have attached themselves to me like starving chiggers. 

Kim was 2 minutes ahead of me, so I just could see her turn a block ahead of me. 

At Mile 10, I was immediately grateful.  Grateful that I could finish.  That I have 10 in the books.

I want to thank some bloggers who helped me with support.  Glenn in particular posted a nugget on how to get through all ten miles, and I really used it.  I’m always amazed when fast runners like Aron shout out.  So thanks, and thanks to Spike, Eric, Xenia, Rural Runner, Brian and the nice thoughts from the rest of you yesterday.  Really.  This blogging thing is the reason I’m still running.  Sarah, PS:  I love the Daily Plate!!!

I ran a marathon this week.  Finished the week with 26.2 miles exactly.  Sweet.


9 thoughts on “I ran a Marathon. This week.

  1. Ok, here is my shout out!! You did it! good for you!
    Now, You stopped? don’t do that, it is so much harder to get going again! Do not stop during that half, I repeat do not stop…it was my mental break down and I struggled the rest of the way!

    Tell Kim I am proud of her too, now it is 2 weeks away, right? Ask the wise bloggers about doing another 10 miler, you might want to save your legs!


  2. Thanks Lisa! Yeah, we realized that stopping was actually a bad thing. I could have just grabbed the visor, and drank the hammer gel.

    Remember the 12K? I stopped at Mile 6, and it was the death of me too!! We have 2 weeks, so we will have one taper week.

    🙂 Love ya girl!!! When are you going to update???

  3. I’m glad you were able to finish! Next time you train for a half, lengthen out o 12 miles from 10. I personally think that long runs of 12 are *perfect* for half training. Slow down, take it easy, and 12 miles just rolls off the feet!

    I’m a big fan of the Higdon plans myself. This is my third time through. I’m using his Advanced Half plan. I lengthen everything by a mile or two to get the mileage into the mid 30’s. It’s doing well for me!

    Good luck on the last two weeks. One thing for sure – with your training you’ve been able to avoid injury! That’s one of the goals of any good plan!

  4. Woo hoo!! Great job on that 10 miler.

    So glad my support helped you. I too wouldn’t be running without the encouragement of the RBF community. And you totally kicked my butt on weekly mileage. Go you! 🙂

  5. CONGRATSSSSS on the double digits!!!! that is a huge accomplishment and you should be very proud 🙂 you are going to have a great half marathon coming up!!!!

  6. Holy cow if 26.2 isnt a sign from somewhere I dont know what is! Awesome job! Talking to yoruself had to have been good for the brain, sometimes you just have to block out the music and just go one on one with your brain

  7. Congrats on a great 10M, and way to stay strong and keep positive when your body was making it difficult. Ten miles is a huge accomplishment, and running at sunrise is absolutely wonderful (when it doesn’t blind you)!

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