Some time in Mid-January, we started this training for the River City Half Marathon, to be held in Sacramento & Folsom exactly one week from today. 

Here is our training schedule, and except for a 10 day blip for some reason (was I sick?  did I get injured?), we stayed consistent and to the course.  I fell on my knee twice…but that’s about all I can remember.

I think I’m feeling a little sad (?) that it’s over…because really.  We did.  The. Whole. Thing.

This week, as you can see is a 4-3-2…then Sunday is the race.  This morning we did this run:

Date: 4/12/2009 6:30 AM
Type: Easy
Course: 5 Spring Creek-Starbucks
Distance: 5.01 miles
Duration: 51:43
Pace: 10:20 / mile
Shoe: Mizuno Alchemy
Weight: Same
Weather: 48° F
Statistics: Calories: 697
VO2 Max: 29.3

I can’t remember ever running a 10:20 mile.  Not for a long time anyway.  It just felt great.  Maybe I’m ready.  No, I know I am. 

Here’s to my virgin taper!  Next week, Ms. V will be sporting this:13.1 Half Marathon Bumper Sticker -White (Oval)

12 thoughts on “Ms. V’s Virgin Taper

  1. great 5M run! only a few days now and you’ll be a 13.1 runner. I’m so very proud of all of your hard work, bruised knees, sweat, early mornings! now it is time to get excited!

  2. Congrats on making it to race week healthy and ready. Take it easy this week and kick the 13.1’s ass. Good luck.

  3. wooooo! you are going to do amazing this weekend!! you should be so proud of yourself… starting and finishing a training schedule is the hard part, the race will be fun! CONGRATS 🙂

  4. Looks like I found your site just in time. Starting my taper soon for the Providence Marathon on May 3rd and was thinking of updating my playlist…. Now on to rummage though your songs and see what I’m missing….

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