Well.  Here we go.  I’m not really stressing out.  No really. I’m not.  Just ate a piece of pie, and (this may be TMI), I just went to the bathroom after…three days.  No lie.  It is a surreal feeling to be approaching the end of this training schedule, and to finally have finished.

Last night:  4 miles at 10:28 pace, but the wind kicked my butt.  Seriously.  I was on one of the overpasses and the wind literally did push me almost off the sidewalk.  I had to wear my visor around my neck to keep it from blowing away.  Tonight, we do 3, and tomorrow…2.  Then ready for the weekend.

I’m wondering what food you eat before the race…yes I can read it on websites, but I look to my tried and true bloggers to give me the real skinny on food.  So, hit me up in the comments if you have suggestions.  I know, I ask this a lot.  I have some sort of memory loss when it comes to what you’ve told me before.

Good luck to The Laminator & Frayed Laces, as they head to Boston.  Found this quote.

The marathon’s about being in contention over the last 10K.  That’s when it’s about what you have in your core.  You have run all the strength, all the superficial fitness out of yourself, and it really comes down to what’s left inside you.  To be able to draw deep and pull something out of yourself is one of the most tremendous things about the marathon.~Rob de Castella.

3 days left.  After today.  I’m nervous as hell.

8 thoughts on “And. Then it was Wednesday

  1. The one big thing is don’t try something new before the race. The night before I try to eat some good carbs and protein, for me its usually chicken and pasta (for out of town races I always seem to eat at PF Changs). The morning of, I usually have a bagel with peanut butter several hours before and then an energy bar about one hour before. Good luck, you’ll do an awesome job!

  2. loved that quote… can you post it again in 18 days 🙂 i will need the reminder.

    the night before races or long runs i eat a big bowl of pasta with a little bit of olive oil and garlic salt – yum! then the morning of is the toast with pb and banana. what did you eat the night before your long runs? thats usually what i would stick to just to make sure it sits ok.

    yayyyy race day! so close, dont be nervous, you are going to have a blast!

  3. Eat some complex-carbs (that you regularly eat), but do not stuff yourself silly. Eat about 300-400 calories 2-3 hours before the race….you will do fine. Nice training.

  4. File this under “Everybody’s different” but I eat very lightly before races. I want just enough on my stomach so I am not ravenous halfway through, but not so much I cramp up or worse. Here are some ideas I’ve used that work pretty well:

    * two pieces of toast [hearty, grainy, dense bread… not wonder bread] with copious amounts of jelly/preserves on them
    * a half-cup or so of oatmeal with some applesauce or preserves mixed in
    * a Clif Bar

    I want some complex & simple carbs sloshing around the tank for fuel, a small amount of protein, and very little fat/grease. Like I said, I don’t want it sitting on my stomach causing cramps.

    Something I’ve read about [http://heatherdaniel.wordpress.com] but not tried yet is the following concoction: a can of butternut squash mixed with pumpkin seeds, raisins, and maple syrup. I think this sounds awesome, but it depends on your opinions on squash, I guess.

    Biggest racing mistake ever: I once ate two burger king breakfast sandwiches before a race. I felt like I had a bowling ball in there.

  5. I just roll with what I have whatever I KNOW doesn’t bother my stomach. Usually just a bowl of Cheerios and some banana.

  6. Man – what a bunch of health nuts! I *love* race days becuase it means DONITS! Yup! I usually have a donut (not a little one, but a big, drippy apple fritter or buttermilk bar) and a cup of coffee before a race. I find the sugar and carbs in the donut suit me just fine (each person is different though).

    I do try to get some pasta or something that won’t still be in my stomach the next morning the night before.

    I think Marcy gives the best advice. Roll with whatever you know isn’t going to cause a problem. A good rule of thumb eat what you ate before doing your long run. And stick to the same gels that you used during your training runs. Remember – training is for practice, race day is not.

  7. I like to have oatmeal, a banana, one egg and a cup of coffee and a glass of water the morning of a race! It fills me up and keeps me from getting hungry during the race!

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