For Runner’s Lounge TIART, something I don’t usually participate in…just read everyone else’s reponses…the topic today is Blogging & Running, how and why?

First of all, I used to teach PE & Health, so I started my blog two years ago as a vehicle to teach students how to blog their Health projects and final exams.  I was transferred the next year, and then to a full time PE job, then High School English, and along the way, the blog just went with me. 

Forward to Halloween 2007, when Kim says to me “I’d like to run…do you run?”  I had done the Couch to 5K program with my Jr. High students that previous Spring, and so I said, sure…and we started the C25K training. 

My first 5K in 25 years, was in January 2008.  I kept blogging, talking about school, my kids, my soon-to-be-but-never-finished divorce, and everything under the sun.  I think I started posting on other teachers’ blogs, but then found my first runner’s blog.  The poor guy…I think I pestered him about so many things.

When I finally started to use Bloglines, my blog reading changed.  I could find the blogs I wanted quickly, and could see automatic updates. 

Why do I blog?  Because I’m a crazy, self-centered, all about me runner…I need answers, and you all provide them.  What is a BQ?  I had no idea.  (No one would tell me, I just had to keep reading to figure it out).  What about food?  Garmins?  Shoes?  Going to the bathroom during a run?  Races? 

Bloggers provided me with all these answers:  Not official running sites.  Friendly folks sitting at home or work willing to dish out some answers.  Not only that:  When I had the most self-doubt, I had runner/bloggers lending support, quotes, advice.  I started using Runner’s World Training Log, and blogging about it, helps me keep accountable.

This Sunday I run my the River City Half Marathon in Sacramento/Folsom.  I couldn’t have gotten here on my own.  I thank the veterans out there who gave me advice all along the way. 

Sidenote:  Last night~10:02 pace; 3 miles.  My fastest ever.  Tonight:  2 miles, and our training is finished.

7 thoughts on “Props to Bloggers: TIART

  1. sometimes I wonder why I blog. must be a little self involved….only thing I can think of.

  2. I blog because I get a opportunity to meet wonderful runners across the world, and to share my love for running with others who feel the same.

    have fun and kick some butt this weekend!

  3. Well since my blogging is once in a blue moon, I guess I don’t love it like all of you! But I do like stalking…

    It is done…You will be great on Sunday, I bet you wish it would just get here!

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