• 45.2 miles in new Mizunos
  • 179.6 miles of Half Marathon Training
  • 553.5 miles overall
  • 3 days left of spring break
  • 4 hours of sleep last night due to Diet Coke marathon
  • 17.5% unemployment rate in my county
  • 5813 songs on my iTunes music file
  • 215 songs on my running iPod shuffle
  • 19:49 for 2 miles; 9:55 pace last night
  • following 45 people on Twitter
  • 2 bloggers I follow running in Boston (Frayed Laces, Laminator)
  • 85 bloglines feeds that I regularly read
  • 85 minutes people have been in my court for estate sale next door
  • 90 degree heat predicted for Sacramento on Sunday.  Blech
  • 73 degree heat today
  • 46 hours until race start
  • 3 runners in our car

Happy Friday, people.  We’ve earned it…well, not me.  I’ve been on Spring Break…but yeah time for the weekend!!!  Soooo excited for Sunday!!!  Thanks for all the blogger help!!

4 thoughts on “Numbers Friday

  1. Best of luck to you in the half marathon! I’m impressed with your consistent training. It’s amazing how well you do in keeping up with our blogs and everything else. Thanks for following!

  2. GOOD LUCK this weekend!!!!! have a great race and have a great time!!! all your hard work will pay off, soak up every second 🙂

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