twiddling thumbs.

trying not to worry about tomorrow.

too late. 

stomach is puffy…watching weather…

how scary that I’m comparing this last 24 hours to this Johnny Cash song: *25 minutes to go*

Good luck to all the Boston runners, but right now…it’s allllllllll about River City for me!!!

22 hours to go

7 thoughts on “*whistling*this is for real*

  1. From Glover (The Competitve Runner’s Handbook):

    (1) First two miles – err on the side of caution. Warm up. Run these at slightly slower than goal pace.
    (2) The next four miles – settle in at goal pace.
    (3) If you are comfortable at this point, note your competitors around you. Latch onto a group tht is running at your pace. Share the energy. If you are not comfortable at this point, you probably set goals too lofty (I’ve never done that). Back off the pace and conserve yourself. If you don’t back off, you will have a slow and miserable second half of the race.
    (4) At the half way point assess the situation. If all is good, get mentally tough for the next 4 miles. You will need to push a little harder becuase even though it may seem that you are running at pace, you are probably slowing down (along with everyone else around you). Pick out a runner close by (20 to 30 feet) and try to catch up over a longer distance. When someone passes you speed up a step or two.
    (5) You are at mile 10. Remember the drill when you ran that 10 miles the first time. The good news is you only have a 5K left! Gather your mental and physical resources and keep the pace. Steady as she goes for the next couple of miles.
    (6) Mile 12 – only one more to go! Anyone can do that right? Now – find a runner close by. Reel them in. Focus. Concentrate on good running form and controlled breathing.
    (7) Mile 13 – Only a couple hundred yards left. Time to push it with everything you got.

    If you’ve done a good job of tapering (like not running for a couple of days), you should be able to settle in at a goal pace of about 30 to 45 seconds faster than you would normally run your long run at. Like I say above – try it out the first couple of miles. If you feel comfortable, you can always push in the second half. But, if you go out too fast, mile 10 will have you cursing.

    Hydrate often, hydrate well!

    Have fun and enjoy!

  2. Sorry it was so late getting to your race report. I know that voice, that voice is in every long distance runner. That voice is always in each of us, and that voice is not limited to running.

    Right now it may seem like a small victory, but the fact that you didn’t give into the voice, that you kept working and kept going even when you had every excuse to give up…that is the biggest victory any runner can ever have (better than a pr, better than an ag award, butter than gold).

    Be proud of yourself!

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