***Thank you BILLY for this YOUTUBE reminder!!!***


Words are food. 

They feed the spirits of the despairing and downhearted. 

They create happiness. 

They generate love.  They alter the nature of reality.

Therefore, be generous with your words. 

Tell the people you love,

and even the people who are strangers within your gates,

 the wonderful things you feel about them,

because when it comes to nourishing words,

the world is full of souls that are starving.

Thank you for your kind words on my race report yesterday.

*From 365 Days of Love, by Daphne Rose Kingma


5 thoughts on “Nourishment for the Spirit.*

  1. I enjoyed that Nike add! Basically that is the convo I have in my head alot, except in a girls voice!!

  2. I love the video.
    Thanks for the pick-me-up.
    I really enjoyed it.
    Hope it inspires you.

  3. Because I’m using district Internet, YouTube is blocked (can you believe it?), but the words are lovely–and nourishing. Thanks, Ms. V!

  4. Hi Ms. V.. Enjoyed reading the last two posts of your blog. Heat is a nasty thing to encounter when running. Regardless of how you feel about running results,running is great for coping with stress and you’ve got a lot of it–so I encourage you to keep it up. I know,the Lord has given me so much strength and I believe that He has given us ways of coping and running is great for coping. I know that from experience running has kept me out of the hospital and out of the nut-house. Keep up the awesome blogging and may God continue to keep you in His hand!

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