*Lyric from Paradise By The Dashboard Light

I have no idea why this song is running through my head.  However, the title tells you where I am right now.  I seem to wondering what’s it gonna be…a lot.  Today, I’ve applied at all teaching and counseling jobs in a 200 mile radius, all over California.  I even applied to Heinz.  Yes, the ketchup people. 

I’ve been really thinking about the events of the last week (*cough* Half Marathon), and how I vowed I would never run again.  Then, I caught myself telling the sweaty-from-a-run computer guy how he should just suck it up and enter that 5K.  One of the girls I sponsor has printed out the Couch to 5K program.  I may not want to run, but I just can’t shut UP about it.

I was also thinking about the bike riders on the trail on Sunday (many), and how this guy with a COORS bike shirt came racing by me, and I swear, I would have taken a beer right THEN.  (My sponsor says, “honey, you were just thirsty…it means nothing).  But…this is what running did to me.  Pushed me to my limits. 

What the run did TO me was push me to my limits.  What is did FOR me is increase my confidence.  I know, it was horrid, but yes.  I did it.  I also ruminated a lot during the run, and decided that I

  • can move on from 30 years of knowing my current ex-husband…that sometimes, it just doesn’t work out.  Even when the planets seemed to be aligned in our favor, it just did not make it.  Time to move on.
  • can get a job.  Any job.  That I will never be on unemployment.
  • can still be proud…even if I was #10 out of 10 runners in my age group, (yes.  I was.)  I still was in the top 82% (positive spin) of the whole field.
  • have two great friends who pushed me and made me train even when I didn’t want to, get up at 4:30, get out there and just do it.  Maybe I can do Boston in 10 years, since the BQ time is 4:30 for 60 year olds (thank you Joja)!  HA!

I went to the doctor Tuesday for my shoulder injury that I had earlier this year.  Doctor (a runner, who just happened to run during lunch in 100 degree heat, and had run Death Valley Marathon), says I have arthritis and a tear in my rotator cuff, and gave me a cortisone shot.  My question:  How does a teacher get that injury? 

Yesterday morning, Kim and I walked.  For an hour.  Hashing over the run.  We jogged a block, walked a block.  Today I lifted VERY light weights. 

I know I will do this running thing soon (maybe tomorrow), but for now, I’m still high from watching/blogging/tweeting the Boston Marathon…(Speaking of that…still waiting on a Frayed Laces and Running Laminator report)

Twitter.  I love twitter.  It’s keeping me entertained, and has introduced me to many new runners.  The Neumen Show is one.  The only person who can tweet his whole life in 7 tweets. (I can do it in 8! 8)

So.  I am “Praying for the end of time.”  This job ends 4 weeks from yesterday.  I cannot wait.  That’s all for today.

*What’s it gonna be boy?  Yes or NO?

5 thoughts on “*Praying for the end of time, so I can end my time with you!!!

  1. You have caught the bug! I am glad that you are thinking about running again. I had the same felings last year after the San Diego RnR marathon. Than God I fell off my bike and had to take six weeks off while I mended.

    Okay – Neumen – what’s his twitter address?

  2. As I’ve said before, running teaches you about yourself. Every race is a little different. Every stage (heck, every day) of life is a little different. You would not have taken that beer, just like you were always going to finish your race. Everybody gets tempted to quit. You did a great job training and running, you should be proud. Plus, saying you will never run again after a difficult race is about as lasting as saying you will never love again. Such things are understandable, but not permanent.

  3. Hey Mrs. V., I just want to thank you for tracking me and FL during the race. She and I spoke a bit about how much your support of our running really meant a lot to both of us. Thanks so much and we hope to meet you one day in B-town!

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