Tonight was my first experience with Team In Training.  I arrived at the MJC track at 5:45, for the 6:00 meeting.  I was greeted by the director, Marsha, who gave me my paperwork, and had me sign in.  She handed me the clipboard with names and names of people doing Seattle, San Diego & Nike marathons.  I looked at it, and I guess I was a little overwhelmed.  I went to put my bag in the car, and I dropped my keys off in her box.

I was standing around, and literally I wanted to bolt.  I just kept thinking…  No.  Think out of the box.  Do something different.  I met Heather, the gf of a blogger from our area that I met on Twitter.  It was great.  She was welcoming, then she went off with her friends, and other little groups were meeting.  Little did I know that there were three different groups training.  I kept saying hello to people, only to be left by them meeting with their friends. 

I met someone who is married to a former colleague of my ex-husband’s so I did the little hello dance, and she had her partner, and I know I have my partner…and I know how I am when Kim and I train…we are very tight and don’t chat with a lot of people.  Um.  However, Kim isn’t here.  I’m on my own.

We were finally ushered to the stadium bleachers, where Charlie or Bob (he says he goes by both) gives us the lowdown…the intro paperwork.  He gets to the part about iPods, and he says he hates them and it’s ruined the sport and he needs to be able to coach, and how will you know what your body needs?  I ask “Isn’t there a waiver?”  He says, YES, I will RELUCTANTLY sign it.  So much for headphones on Wed & Sats. 

He starts to talk about all the do’s and dont’s of running, and I am so about to leave, because I think “I know this.” …then how would I get out of here?  He is going over Gu and Salt, and shoes and coaching…And I finally look at him, and in my head, I smile and I think : “Bring. It. On.”  Really.  I started to believe then and there that I could do a Marathon.

Earlier in the evening someone says, “You’re doing Nike with all the hills?”  and “Oh that is such a hard course!!” and “Wow, I know someone who did that.”

And, I say yes.  Yes I am, and I can.

We did a warm up mile, I felt great, he showed us the stretches, and then we left.  As we are leaving, Charlie Bob says, “I’m an UltraRunner, Marathons are hard for me.” I look at him like, You know what?  I finally am going to do a Marathon, and you people are doing MORE, and I think to myself…I will never do that.  EVER.

Until tonight, I didn’t think I would ever do a Marathon either. 

Bring it on.


5 thoughts on “Day One.

  1. I love your spirit and attitude in this post! You can do anything when you put your mind to it! Looks like you have a great start!

  2. Bring it on! Awesome attitude to have. I havent rocked out a marathon yet, but I can def agree with u in saying Ultras are NOT on my “To Do” list. One step at a time, hah.

  3. with that kind of positive attitude, you can do anything…the Nike Marathon is just the first of many great thigns you will do.

  4. bring it on!!!! you are going to love it! i did a group similar to TNT for my first marathon and i think its a great way to go… you meet people (thats how i met tara!) and you learn so much and have so much support!

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