Here is a picture of me with the TNT trainer, on Saturday’s 4 mile run… My first run without my partner.

First of all…and stop squinting…that is not a nipple adjacent to my armpit. It’s an earbud, I was hiding it, and here’s why. On the first night of training, this guy says

(~~cue gruff Marine voice~~) “there will be no iPods. You cannot hear me when I need to coach you. Someone got killed. You need to pay attention…”. I tune out, but I got the message.  I’m like, Yeah.  Right…and oddly, I find myself curiously rapt.

Then he says: my name is Charlie, but sometimes you’ll here people call me Bob. (?) He explains that marathons are hard for him, and I’m like yeah because (what is that thing he has…a walker? a bike?) Hey CharlieBob, do you run marathons…and he says no, what he really likes is the Ultramarathons.   Naturally.

We run on Saturday and I put my iPod On, but let me tell you, I was looking for a wheel around every corner.

Here we are on the first day of long run training. I’m not an Amazon, he is just shorter, and he scares the crap out of me. I have a feeling I’m going to need him.

CharlieBob commands your respect.

Week 2 starts tomorrow.

My fundraising page is up:  Please donate if you can.

9 thoughts on “CharlieBob

  1. Thanks for clarifying that wasn’t your nipple way up high 🙂 Funny! I am always tucking stuff in my bra – I think it probably looks just like that!

  2. CharlieBob sounds awesome and scary; in case you need it, here are a few suggested responses of CB catches you with your iPod: 1) I can read lips; 2) I think louder than my music is playing; 3) my playlist is just your voice giving me coaching tips

  3. I am dying of laughter “that is not a nipple adjacent to my armpit” If it was it would have had a really long hair growing out of it HAHA!

  4. Congrats on the good coach. Good luck with TNT. (Why does AC/DC always get stuck in my head when I read about Team in Training?)

    And congrats on not having a (noticeable) third nipple. Cheers!

  5. Speed work is a killer. Your new training will definitely bring your racing times down. We all need help with our training and you’ve been fortunate to have support with your training. Good job!

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