Tonight was Week 2 with the Team in Training team in Modesto.  Charlie Bob is doing OUR group.  Guess we don’t get the luxury of the nice blonde lady.  First off, he starts by saying, if our group starts at 7:30am, that means I want to be done talking and you are on the road at 7:30am.  Okay, so I guess when the calendar says 7:30, I need to be there by 7 when he starts talking.  Got it.  I’m late, so um.  Wait, I wasn’t, he was early, but hey this is CB time.  img_0341

He has us take a warm up mile.  See? This I don’t know how to do.  I don’t know the difference between warm up and run and cool down.  So, I try anyway.  We stretch, we do skipping and butt kicks.   Then he informs us we are doing 4 x 400s.  I think this means 4 laps.  Nooooooo.  You run one, then walk 100, run 200, walk 400.  And you do it again.  As you run by him, he yells out your time.  He tells us your first 400 can’t be your fastest, and your last can’t be your slowest.  I can’t remember this.

Anyway, I did 2:35 laps, and on the last one he yells out 2:16.  And says…”I’m watching you.  You saved everything for the last lap.”  I thought it was a compliment, but I think he means I need to run harder.  Huh.

Actually, I jest.  I like him.  A lot.  I’d like to think that without his help, I would be following a plan on my own for my first marathon.  Considering how I did on my own before, I’m sure CB will inspire and push me more than I could imagine.

The pic at top?  My mom, dad and me, circa 1960.  I thought of my Dad tonight, because we used to run a mile in the mornings before school.  On the last 200 yards or so, he would yell, “Okay now, SPRINT!”  I thought of him tonight, because we had to run on the track…and although I was always last on the track team, I can still see him in the stands yelling, “SPRINT!”  Plus, I just love the way he is looking at me.  It warms my heart.

He was my first CharlieBob.  My parents come to visit this weekend for my 30th AA party and Mother’s Day.  I am blessed.

9 thoughts on “…ok now, sprint!

  1. What a sweet picture! Daddy obviously loves his little girl! 😉

    I love reading about your workouts with CB. Can you explain the 400’s workout a little more? I ran 400’s on the treadmill last night, and basically I ran 400, then slowed down for 400 and repeated four times. I didn’t understand what you meant with the 100 and 200’s thrown in? Forgive my dumbness! If I ever train with a group like this, I want to know what’s going on lol! (which may happen since I’ve decided to do a marathon in 2010 *gulp*)

  2. I had trouble with the intervals when I first started training too but I am sure you will get the hang out it. The key is to not go out too fast and just run hard generally! lol

    Love the picture of your family! It is very cute. Enjoy the weekend!

  3. CharlieBob sounds like a hoot! Listen to him – he knows what he is doing. And it sounds like you have yourself in a great training group that are doing all the right things!

    A couple things to remember – run your 400s at 5K pace. No faster. Try to keep them consistent. If you can run a 2:16 on your final interval, then try to run all four at 2:20. And follow CharlieBob’s rest instructions. If you are running 2:20 intervals, your rest before starting the next one should be about 4:00 to 4:30. Running too fast or without adequate rest builds lactic acid in your muscles and diminishes the effectiveness of the intervals. With an interval you are working on your VO2Max – the amount of oxygen you are able to transport to your muscles.

    I don’t want to say I told you so – but wait until you are whipping off those 1600s in a few weeks. You will amaze yourself!

  4. That’s a great pic!

    I would be tickled pink to be under the guidance of CB! It sounds like he really knows what he’s doing.

  5. Cyndi,


    1 lap (400)
    The next lap, you walk for 100 yds, then run for 200 yds, then walk for 100 yds.

    That’s a 400. Rinse, repeat.

    Essentially, you are resting for a bit before each one.

  6. I have a hard time with intervals in the beginning of training too. Usually I go out waaayyy to fast for the first couple and then want to DIE for any following LOL

  7. Trust in the process. Trust in the process.
    You will do fine, you will do great.
    Hang in there.

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