This is a sad day.  Last night, I spent an hour on the phone with PG&E trying to get the electric and gas bills figured out.  An hour.  Once I got it all straightened out, I told them I needed to enroll in the CARE program, which is a program for low income people.  On the form was a box to check for food stamps.  Food stamps, CARE…and I’m trying to fill out an application for unemployment online, but no…I don’t have a union number, and they don’t know it.  No, I stop work in 10 days, so I can’t fill it out anyway.

I have degrees, and initials after my name.  I have 3 different teaching credentials.  I am NCLB compliant in 7 areas.  I have a license to practice family therapy.  I suddenly realize that someone who does not know how to navigate the system may want to give up.  I want to give up, and I have a lot of resources on board.  So, to all those people I have erroneously judged in my life.  I’m sorry.  I understand now what it’s like to be on hold for 45 minutes to try to get some help.  I know what it’s like to be shamed by a bill collector.  I know what it feels like to look at the empty box that I must check for food stamps.

Why did this happen?  I left a tenured position, and became probationary, and not protected by the cuts.

There is no magic answer.  27000 jobs will not appear out of nowhere.  Someone get the Governor on the phone.  Stat.

5 thoughts on “Ring up Ahnold please

  1. keep hope close to your heart, keep doing the next right thing, it will work out. Keep applying and something will happen. I’ll keep wishing for the best for you.

  2. With all due respect to your situation, the sorry state of our system is not the governor’s fault. And please know I’m not in any way looking down on you. I’m in/have been in a very similar situation (business collapse, foreclosure, near homelessness), and now am doing much better, but still not out of the woods.

    I do understand what that uncertainty feels like. I don’t, however, understand why you and so many others decide it must be our governor’s fault. He inherited a mess, a mess that was not created within his administration. From what I see he (and his staff) are working on fixing things as fast as they can. It’s a massive job, and nothing is going to change over night.

    Yeah, it would be awesome if he had a magic wand to fix all the ills of this world, or even this state. I have a son in prison, serving life for a crime he did not commit. I have hopes that the sorry state of the CDC will be improved too. But I’m not blaming the governor for that.

    There’s a whole lot in California that sucks, is broken, and needs to be fixed. It’s a monumental task, and IMO, “blaming” the governor is counter-productive.

  3. I love responses like this. I’m not clear how I blamed the governor though. I didn’t and I don’t. I’m frustrated navigating through the system.

    If anyone can help, he can. I believe in him.

    The education system’s demise has been a slippery slope for over 20 years.

  4. So sorry to hear about your challenges. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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