The last two days have been wild.  I have had contact with our Governor’s office.  They saw me on Twitter, and they gave me a phone number.  I called.  Faith restored, and action.  I can’t discuss it until it’s done, but suffice it to say, I’m on my way to recovery. 

The Power of Twitter is amazing.

Meanwhile, we trudge through this week.  I called CharlieBob to tell him I wouldn’t be there last night, so we did our intervals yesterday morning.  He was fine with it.  I asked him what to do with my calves.  Two ibuprofen, 5 minutes ice, 30 without…repeat 3x.  Basic, good stuff.  The rolling  pin (runnersrambles, thank you), and I’m on the mend.  They continue to hurt, but I can handle it.

Yesterday:  4×400 intervals.  Today, I begged Kim to have an off day, and run tomorrow instead (our planned off day).  And, there she was at my door. 

Partners rock.

6 thoughts on “Trudging.

  1. Glad the Gov’s office got in touch, hope it is good news. As for your calves, rolling pins are good, but what really make all the difference for me was a product called BioFreeze. It is like IcyHot only infinitely better. I really healed my sore calves in a matter of a few days.

  2. Way to keep going even in the midst of those nagging and discouraging injuries. Good luck with the fund-raising. I like the way that you are always exploring and trying new ideas and things. God Bless!

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