The last two days have been wild.  I have had contact with our Governor’s office.  They saw me on Twitter, and they gave me a phone number.  I called.  Faith restored, and action.  I can’t discuss it until it’s done, but suffice it to say, I’m on my way to recovery. 

The Power of Twitter is amazing.

Meanwhile, we trudge through this week.  I called CharlieBob to tell him I wouldn’t be there last night, so we did our intervals yesterday morning.  He was fine with it.  I asked him what to do with my calves.  Two ibuprofen, 5 minutes ice, 30 without…repeat 3x.  Basic, good stuff.  The rolling  pin (runnersrambles, thank you), and I’m on the mend.  They continue to hurt, but I can handle it.

Yesterday:  4×400 intervals.  Today, I begged Kim to have an off day, and run tomorrow instead (our planned off day).  And, there she was at my door. 

Partners rock.

6 thoughts on “Trudging.

  1. Spike says:

    Glad the Gov’s office got in touch, hope it is good news. As for your calves, rolling pins are good, but what really make all the difference for me was a product called BioFreeze. It is like IcyHot only infinitely better. I really healed my sore calves in a matter of a few days.

  2. Eric Pendleton says:

    Way to keep going even in the midst of those nagging and discouraging injuries. Good luck with the fund-raising. I like the way that you are always exploring and trying new ideas and things. God Bless!

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