Nothing makes my friend Robby crankier than seeing only running posts on this blog.  He says to me last night:  that’s all you ever post about.  Okay, so let me set the record straight.  I try to post the good training stuff, because running has shaped me emotionally.

This post isn’t about that.  In fact, when I get done writing it, I might even have to set it as private.

It’s a bullet point type of post, because to actually write about it in a journal type of way, would take me all over the map emotionally.

  • I ran 4 miles this morning.  Yay.
  • First things first:  I wake up this morning to find ALL of my iTunes music (5000+) gone.  I spent over an hour on the phone with Apple Support.  Bad, bad experience, and I usually find great success with them.  Boo.
  • I go to the UOP graduation.  I’m thrilled, because I know what an accomplishment this is.  It’s when you believe you will do something in this world…that the degree will open doors.  It does. 
  • I start to ponder learning more about systems.  Like the one I’m about to enter.  That somehow, someone must make this easier.  Not everyone has internet yanno.  Particularly those who need the system.
  • I get a letter of default on my home.  It goes up for sale August 8th. 
  • I get letters from realtors promising wonderful things.  Boo.
  • I hop online to try and navigate the Home Loan/Acorn bit.  I’ve turned in paperwork weeks ago.  Can get help from no one.  I will try again Monday.
  • I try to fill out Unemployment.  Turns out you can’t do that until your last day of work.
  • We are moving.  We are.  There are no more cute smiles or genies in a bottle.  My new income with unemployment will be $22,900.  Per year.
  • The dogs.  Where will the dogs go?  They have given my children peace and comfort through a very hard time.  There’s no way I can take them with me.
  • COBRA.  I am informed that I can get COBRA.  A new bill…yada yada…and pay only 35% and it can go on for 36 months if I’m CALCOBRA eligible.
  • Eligible.  Words like this I am hearing a lot.
  • Food Stamps.  Next.  Print out application.  Got it. 
  • PG&E CARE program for limited resources.  Check.
  • Making my lender produce the original note for foreclosure.  Check.  Did I mention that in California, you can’t do this unless you initiate a lawsuit? Looks like I’m headed back to court.
  • I have a certified letter waiting for me on Monday.

I think the thing that is so appalling to me, is that with all the letters after my name, a BA, an MS…certificates and awards…Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers…With ALL of that, I am completely overwhelmed and scared to death.  My boys are at their activities, which I’m glad for, but I sit here in stone immobilization, and wonder how I will ever manage this. 

With a swoop of a pen, my boss could have given me a pink slip, like 27,000 other teachers in California.  He didn’t.  He fired me.  He admitted that he didn’t know I couldn’t work again in my district.  I don’t really know how he sleeps at night, knowing what he’s done to my family.

While I appreciate all the Governor’s office has done to try to help me, even the Governator can’t fix this.

7 thoughts on “Roller Coaster

  1. Linda – I feel for you. I hope things start looking up. Soon. What kind of job would you like to get? Where? I’ll keep my eyes and ears open.

  2. I am so sorry for your pain and the unknown. i will keep you in my prayers.
    I am confused….pink slip vs firing…does these have different end results in CA? would a pink slip have been better? You do not have to answer if this is too much to ask…I am just CA teaching ignorant. i would hate to have to let someone go and hurt their children….I would be crushed.

  3. People got pink slipped and get back in line first for jobs. I got a non-reelect which is no job or at the end of the line. It’s getting fired but called non reelect i have no clue why

    Very long story, but so unnecessary on his part.

    Thanks Eric…and Glenn-I’ve made 45+ apps in tracing from Sf to Sonora and Sac to Chowchilla. Not pretty

    Thnx guys

  4. Sorry to hear about your predicament. Hope it all works out for you.

    But…whats so wrong about running posts. It’s healthy, it de-stresses, and some days that’s all we get to do to have a bit of fun in this tipsy turvy economy.

  5. So very sorry to hear about this. You are in my thoughts and prayers and I hope that somehow things will get better for you and your family.

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