30 minute run through town.  Week 4 begins right here.  I wonder why we are going so slow, but this guy Charlie.  I think he’s old school.  Building a base for the first month of marathon training.  We’ve been doing little itty bitty runs of 30 and 40 minutes and 4 miles at the most.  It’s hotter than hell here…It’s 84 at 9am, and gonna be a scorcher.

Thanks for all the well wishes on yesterday’s gloom.  I seem to have an unending supply of stick-to-it-tive-ness though, and I wake this morning with new resolve to figure it out.

My big problem this morning is the group of blackbirds that are again torturing my dogs and leaving huge messes on my car and in my pool.  I’ll save you the photogs of it.

I feel like the kid in Home Alone, protecting his nest.  And that is what I’m doing.  I’m fighting, and today at least, I’m winning.  Started with a run that always clears my head.

Blogging:  I have hardly commented the blogs I normally read.  I just don’t have the time…and I’ve become smitten with Twitter.  140 characters, and I’m out.

Happy Sunday…

8 thoughts on “sunday

  1. It’s all about slow and steady. Build mileage. Stay on your feet. Your marathon effort will likely required you to be moving for 5 hours or so. The big benefit of TNT is making sure that you are getting the training you need to be able to stay on your feet that length of time. The faster you go, the more opportunity to get hurt.

    Hope you’re having fun!

  2. Oh – and by the way – the coxswain is THE BOSS of the boat. All rowers follow the cox. No follow, no row! So yeah – I think it was a compliment.

  3. Twitter does to seem to be convient when peoples days are filled to the brim. The slow base will prolly work in your favor later on down the road! This charlie guy seems to know whats up!

  4. I hear you girl! I haven’t had time to comment on blogs either!!

    Twitter?? Maybe I should check it out, I don’t even keep up with Facebook, not sure I have time!!

  5. good run, better attitude. we all struggle, I’m glad you can share your experience, I know it helps me and I’m sure others as well.

  6. I am visualizing your dog being tortured by some birds….it makes me want to laugh. I am sure it is not as funny to you as me, but I would love to see my dog be pestered a bit…..I know sadistic.

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