I really cannot get a handle on my blog theme issues.  HA!  Back to the ocean!

I have started Week 4 of TNT training, and it has been very slow, base building.  It’s given me a lot of time to research hydration, pace, form, etc.  We’ve done intervals, and have not missed a day.

Bear with me when I say I have been WAY behind on my blogging.  I really LOVE Twitter.  I have a Governor story (still in the works), an LA Marathon story, and have been following great sites in a much quicker way than blogging.

However, something stopped me short today.  I got another donation to my TNT training/LLS this morning, and it was to a blogger who I’ve tried to follow in bloglines, but doesn’t show up on my RSS feed.  He survived prostate cancer, and ran Boston for the 10th time this year (WITH a diagnosis).  He also donated to my LLS fundraising effort, which was how I found him.

As I was eating dinner, I realized how many cool bloggers I follow… and I use the term *blogcrush* because I enjoy how people write…and how their love of their sport comes through.  I’m done with sarcasm, unless it’s about me, written by me.  I’m not reading many blogs that offend other people. 

I’ve been reading these three bloggers for a while (Love2Run when I get a feed).  I have no idea how I stumbled upon them, but I think Andrew (DowneastRunning) was first, then I started venturing around and found Eric (sonriserunning).  I absolutely have nothing in common with them.  They are real runners, I’m a 50 year old starting in the sport.  With as much as they run, you’d think their faces would look like shoe leather, but hey…that’s only if they lived in the California sun.  They live in Maine or Canada or someplace in the upper side of the country.  They take videos in their run in the snow.  The snow!

  • Love2RunCanada If I get a cancer diagnosis, God forbid, I will be milking it for all I can.  This guy ran Boston this year…for the 10th time.  A true hero.  I am completely blown away by this.  And, he has the coolest scar.
  • DowneastRunning His kids listen to the radio.  And read.  Really.  I started following  him last year when he was training for the PEI Marathon.  And I thought.  Marathon.  Huh.  What’s that?  I was soon to catch the bug
  • SonriseRunning What is it about this guy I like? That he’s a single parent, like me?  No.  There’s tons of those.  The title of his blog tells me a Christian but he doesn’t shove it down your throat.  Cool.  I think it’s his tenacity.  Short, quick posts about very long runs.

My reader is 56 blog posts full.  I read all of you.  I do.  I so appreciate race reports, and when you read mine.  I’m going right there, right now.  Let me just go Twitter a bit.  🙂

PS-on the up swing of the roller coaster…i hope.  it was a good news day

12 thoughts on “3 Eastern Runners

  1. Hopefully I don’t offend you or anyone else!

    *MsV says: Oh MY TW! You could NEVER offend me…I just can’t get a feed from your blog!!*

  2. the traits we admire in others are often the traits we are afraid to nurture in ourselves.

  3. *Love* your new blog theme! Looks like the Central Coast? Although the farm fields are throwing me.

    Way to stick with the training! Success in the marathon is all about the journey getting there.

  4. You are too kind Miss V. Thanks for the kind words and realize that your blog has a readership that far surpasses mine because it is always interesting and always real. Thanks again and God Bless you!

  5. I love getting blog recommendations! Thanks for sharing – my reader is jammed too, but it’s all such great stuff!

    Enjoy the ‘base building’ while you can ha ha…I have a feeling it’s going to get worse before it gets worse!

  6. I also love the new blog look! Very nice! Glad things are on up and up for you today! My reader is jammed with blogs, i just love reading about everyone else out there that is running!

  7. Digging the look! And I don’t care what you say…as soon as you signed up and trained for that 1st race, you became a real runner.

    Can’t wait to meet ya at the LA Marathon.

  8. First, thanks for the comment. It’s much appreciated.

    Wow..love the new look, Mrs. V. I’m glad to see you’re up an about and training well with your team.

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