23 years of school teaching and counseling may end today.  I find out yesterday that my seniors are graduating.  This tells you the intellectual and professional ethics of my now former boss.  I race to the graduation at 6:15 to find all the graduates and faculty in gowns.  My friend and colleague runs to find me a robe.  I throw it on, and am firmly placed on the stage with the other two teachers.  During the speeches, my boss and his boss talk.  All through the speeches.  All I did was one time lean out to give them the Ms. V. stare, because I am appalled, and hey.  What are they going to do…fire me? 

The above photo was taken as I was leaving to get in my car.  I turned just as they were throwing their caps.  I may have just attended my last graduation as a faculty member.

I know that something will happen as a result of this.  I am fighting to keep my house, to stave of the creditors, although they are starting to line up outside of my door.  As a fellow blogger said to me in a note:  “I would be crushed if I did to someone what he did to you…knowing that your children will be on welfare, and you will be losing your home.”” 

Too bad, not everyone is a good guy. 

For today, Kim and I ran 4×400’s.  Running is saving my life and my sanity.  We had a great mile out and back, then 1.5 miles of running the track.

Lap 1~2:20

Lap 2~2:25

Lap 3~2:35

Lap 4~2:15

I call CharlieBob, because I’m going to the Modesto Tweetup tonight.  He is emailing me the next four week’s workout.  I call because he said I have to call if I’m going to miss a day.  After 4 weeks, we have done every training, and like Billy said yesterday:  As soon as I signed up and trained, I became a runner.

I like that.

Modesto Kaiser Permanente 5K on Saturday, then I drive to LA for the LA Marathon.  If I haven’t said it a bazillion times, my family and I will be on Mile 20 volunteering…

5 thoughts on “.and, 23 yrs in education.

  1. So, you’re going to be volunteering at mile 20? This is the first I’ve heard that…NOT! Sorry to hear about all the negative stuff but I’m glad that your still running and maintaining a sense of “humor” in these difficult times.

    Say hi to all our twitter friends in LA and let them know that I wish I could be there to run (too much going on here with the Fam so no LAM for me).

    All the best!

  2. I sure hope that I never get to a point where I treat my teachers the way you were treated. I fancy myself a principal who really cares for my teachers as well as my students. I sure hope that soon, very soon, things turn around for you and your children.

  3. If I could offer you a job, Ms. V, you know I would. I’m on your side, no matter what happens. Now, go run your heart out!

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