Let’s just get this out of the way:  I rocked a PR today.  30:48, a 9:57 pace, and 4th in my division (out of 17).  I was very excited, and I asked no less than 4 people if the route was certified (it was).

Kim and I were very relaxed as we left her house around 6:45.  I was instructed by CharlieBob (look halfway down the page) to be there at 7.  For what, I don’t know. (It turned out the TNT went on a 1 mile warmup jog, which I missed because we were sitting in the car).

We got to talk with Austin, the official TNT photographer.  His blog and work is phenomenal.  I had instructed him last night on Twitter to take a good photo of me…I tried to smile when I saw him, because I always look like hell in those race photos.

Beautiful morning, beautiful course.  This was the first race since the Half Marathon of Death so I was a little nervous, but 4 weeks of base building at the 4 mile max gave me confidence.

Mile 1: Sun, lots of dust on the side, LOTS of people.   Up a hill and this is when my mind started to wake up.  First thought: “don’t run by the dirt”.  We had to go up a little incline toward the end, but I just wrapped my mind around the hill we climb every day.

Mile 2: I don’t know when mile 2 started, but we started to get in the sun on a trail, which gave me visions of the HMOD, and I didn’t allow that mean girl to travel with me.  She tried: I shut her up quickly.

Mile 3:  Beautiful, lush by the river, and LOTS of Support on the sides.  I had taken a Chocolate Espresso Gu, which you really don’t need on a 5K, but I did it anyway, and was starting to feel a surge.  I didn’t stop for water, but I saw the clock.  It read 30:00…

I knew I had to beat 31:59 for a PR.  I crossed at 30:47.  I was thrilled.

Great race, Great JOB Shadowchase…and always, a nod to the man of the hour, CharlieBob, who even with his wheels had a 25:00 5K.  Amazing!

Off to the spa, coffee, and drive to LA for the Marathon!!!  WOOHOO!

12 thoughts on “5K Modesto Classic Race Report

  1. A little bit of training goes a long way. Just wait till later in the season and you will be doing even better. Great job!

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