I haven’t posted since the day after the LA Marathon.  That race, its people and runners are all I’ve thought about all week.  I may make a living just going race to race, living in shelters, and volunteering at Mile 20.  Warms my heart.

Actually, it’s Summer.  Let me break it down for you, people.  I have a Twitter story.


A few weeks ago, I am dealing with the fact that I am not going to get another teaching job.  No less than 45 applications later in a radius from Sacramento to Merced and Sonora to San Francisco, I got nuthin’.  I got one interview.  It went well, but I’m not hopeful, because let’s face it:  I got fired (Non-Reelected), not pinked.  And yes, there is a difference.  Pink slipped teachers get in line for their jobs.  For Non-Reelected teachers, there is no line.  You wait.

So, I realize I’m going to have to apply for Unemployment.  Me, granddaughter of the Bon Bon inventor, Mayflower Society, grandneice of the Popsicle stick inventor.  Like I would ever need the government to help me.  I have been working since I was 16.  I only stopped a year to have children.  Other than that, I don’t live on the dole.

So, this day in particular, I have been on the phone with PG&E for an hour, negotiating my bill, getting on the CARE program.  I spend hours trying to understand unemployment, food stamps, etc.  I write this post.  I finally scream out on Twitter, this message:

@Schwarzenegger He won’t listen, but I will try anyway. Gov. What do I do? Spent the last hour trying to start in Social Serv system1:11 PM May 12th from web

@MsV1959 Someone on my staff will be in contact with you shortly.

I panic.  My blog gets 84 hits in a half hour.  I’m seriously wondering what I’ve done.  Then, his assistant tweets me.

@MsV1959 Hi my name is Luis and I work for the Governor. Call our office at 916-445-2841 and ask for me and I’ll see what we can do to help

Part 2:

I called Luis.  Since then, I’ve spoken with Luis (a few times), Justin, who called my Superintendent, and Morgan, who today hooked me up with the Housing authorities.  I took Justin’s suggestion and phoned up the School Board President and Superintendent, and have asked for a meeting.  The important thing about this story is not that they helped, but that so many of us don’t know how to ask for help.  They assisted me in many ways, sending links to CalWorks, food stamps, unemployment, housing. 

I applied and received my Unemployment benefit yesterday. $450. A week.  I am saving every penny, and trying to deal with my pre-foreclosure, as it’s awfully hard to re-negotiate the terms of your mortgage if you don’t have a job. 

I don’t know how my former boss sleeps at night.  He admitted to me that he didn’t know what the Non-Reelect letter would do to me.  He was grossly ineffectual, and his evaluative process was horrid…at one point (remember?), he told me I was turning into a great alternative education teacher.  Teaching and Counseling since 1981, and not a blemish on my record.  Until now.

My two boys sit blissfully on our regular Friday night WWE and pasta fest (long run tomorrow).  One day at a time.

Running:  We have not missed a day.  Week 5 ends tomorrow with a 6 miler.  All is well.  For now.

9 thoughts on “Ms V. & The Governor

  1. Hang in there Ms V. Good for you for taking action and doing something about your situation. So few do. There are so many resources out there yet most wait too long or till it’s too late to help themselves. Your lender does not want your house so if you really want to keep it make sure they know it.

    I have no doubts that you will find a comfortable solution for what is coming your way. Be strong!

  2. I am still floored by the story.

    My heart also aches of you and all the other teachers and people who benefit society who find themselves on the short end of the stick. Maybe we need to get rid of 20% of Sacramento….

  3. I’m still thrilled that one little tweet got you so much info! But I feel for the people who don’t tweet!

    You have such a positive energy! You are staying up and staying focused even with all this crap happening around you!! I commend you for that!!

    I know things will begin to happen for you! You could always look into studio teaching??? I’m not sure what it entails but the film industry always needs teachers for their little kidlets!

  4. That is amazing that twitter helped so much. I hope that doors continue to open for you. Don’t lost hope. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    ** EE stands for Electrical Engineering…

  5. What a gripping tale! We’re rooting for you MsV and have a feeling that your positive attitude will win over in the end. And keep up with the running, nice!

  6. What a wonderful tweet story. asking for help is so hard. I remember applying for medi-cal for the kids and looking around the room at a batshit insane woman screaming and thinking, “I don’t belong here” but asking for help shows strength. We pay into the system for years just so when we need it, it will be there.

  7. After reading your story, I might just be tempted to try Twitter myself!

    You’re in my prayers, Ms. V. Some door somewhere will open for you, I’m sure.

  8. Ms. V, what a blessing that you were able to get help from a post! Just think, with that kind of positivity, you’ll find work soon. No doubt.

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