I’m a runner.  It’s highly unlikely that someone like me, can feel that way, given how little effort I like to put into things.  If there’s a easier, softer way for me to achieve somewhat the same result as you putting in the hard work, then I’ll take the easier way.  Every time.  That’s why I liked liquid diets in the 80s.  40 pounds?  Gone.  Shortcuts and speeding?  My style.

However, this running gig:  It’s different.  I always thought doing *runs* was about balls out for however long (5K, 10K, Half Mary).  I had no idea that there were strategies to this whole thing.  For a year and a half, I’ve used C25K, and Hal Higdon, and opted out of the off day stretching crap, etc.  I just wanted to run.

This all changed when I joined the TNT team.  I decided with this running cycle, that I would learn as much as I could from CharlieBob and the other mentors.  I would shut off my head, and forget what I thought was best, and do as they said.  The first time we ran, someone said, “Oh we have to stop and walk for 2 minutes.” I’m like, whatEVER.  I am going to run.

This past weekend, I decided to do what they said.  You know what?  I was fresher, I finished stronger and I felt better.  All day.  I remember the first time I did 6 miles, and I was in pajamas all day. 

So, today was my 1 hour run, and I decided to bite the bullet, and walk 2 minutes after 2 miles.  twice.  Other than a sore back, which I’m off to treat, I feel good.  Legs feel strong, and getting just a touch of liquid from my sexy fanny pack made all the difference in a 5.5 mile run at 70 degrees.  I remember the movie Miracle, where the coach talked about putting *fresh legs* on the ice.

I’m listening.  And learning.  From CharlieBob, from your blogs, from your tweets.  I believe I am humbly admitting that you know best sometimes, and that I have so much to learn.

Today, I get notice of a Half Marathon at Midnight in Modesto on August 8th.  I think I’m in.

5 thoughts on “2 miles~2 minutes

  1. congrats on the hour run, never an easy task. other runners never try to steer you wrong, and we are always our worse enemy. sounds like TNT is helping more than you ever imagined, awesome.

  2. I love TNT. I have done 7 events and have been a Mentor for them for 3 years. When I first joined I decided to do it their way, and it worked. Such a great organization.
    Fininshed RNR San Diego half and now on to Nike Half. GO TEAM!

  3. I take walk breaks during my marathons, and I’ve placed pretty decent in my age group doing so and qualified for Boston. So there’s nothing sissy about walk breaks. I actually do them every mile during a marathon, except maybe the last 3 miles if I’m feeling good. Anyhow, that’s what I’ve done in my last 2. My first two marathons I did not take walk breaks, started too fast, hit the wall, and had bad finishing times. If you want to read more about how walk breaks helped me, it’s under the name “Sheila King” on this page:

  4. For HM walking breaks are good, so its good practice! The midnight race sounds AWESOME!! I would totally love to do a race like that!

  5. It’s that damned less is more thing again. Why do we get faster when we rest? Good luck in the half. Cheers.

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