I haven’t written a thing on my blog in a week, because I’m busy microblogging all day over at Twitter.  I’m loving Twitter, and it’s scary, because I’m typing and speaking in 140 characters or less.  Everywhere.  I’m sure this will wane, as everything else does, and I’ll be back to speaking in complete sentences, but for now, “I tweet, therefore I am.”

First of all, I start by saying that for 6 weeks, I’ve followed the TNT program very strictly.  It was on Tuesday of this week, however, that I had to get a Cortisone shot in my shoulder.  I know it doesn’t really do this to everyone, but on the way down, I thought…I need some more of this.  Apparently, my body reacted to Cortisone this time like it was heroin.  I was amorous, flirty, and downright loopy.  Didn’t run Tuesday.

Wednesday, I did intervals at the MJC track, and ran with one of my favorite mentors, Rick.  I like both Rick and Mike.  Two of the nicest, most normal runners.  They are both encouraging, and well, men.  One of the female trainers sort of grinds on me, so I tune her out.  I know.  Mature of me.

Thursday, I decided I don’t need any more 5am nonsense.  After all, I don’t work now, and I can run alone.  I did 60 min. at 6:30am, long after Kim was done, and it was LONELY.  I was running through the streets of our town, and there was no one to chat with me.  I didn’t like it.

Friday, I bit the bullet and ran at 5am with Kim.  Only 30 min., and I was having tummy issues, so it wasn’t very far, or a very good run. 

This morning, was the Udder Run, a 5 miler in Hilmar, to support the Hilmar High Track Team.  We weren’t going to go, but we both got a special flyer in the mail, and felt as though we should go and support the team! 

Pre-Race:  It was raining as we drove 40 miles south to get to Hilmar.  I kept thinking how refreshing that was, since it was VERY hot last year, and we only did the 2 mile run.  We parked, and had Ms. Thing with the microphone.  For the rest of the day.  The person who was directing the race, kept talking and talking and talking.  We looked at each other, and tried to get our great schwag, and use the restroom.  This year, the offering was a T-shirt, a magnet and a few flyers.  That’s it.  We got ready to go, and the rain stopped.  Then, humidity.

Mile 1 & 2 were pretty uneventful.  I didn’t stop for water until 2, and practiced walking one minute, which was good for me.  On the way, several cows ran over to the street, and it was very cute.  That novelty wore off very quickly, as the humidity + stench started to overtake.  Not to mention that the race director says, “Watch out for potholes” as we take off.

I was feeling pretty good.  I tried to breathe through my mouth, and then we turned a corner.   We weren’t running on roads any more.  We were in a dairy. 3 Farm Hands sat up on the hay bales and watched us run.  I turned a corner to see a bank of cows eating.  In order to preserve my nostrils, I started counting cows.  I got up to 100 before we turned.  At Mile 3, and older woman had gotten out of her car to direct us.  She was our race support.

Mile 4 was yet another dairy.  One cow had this sort of epilepsy thing with his tongue, and I felt bad.  2 kids were sitting on bricks mocking watching us run by.  I started picking off runners, and that felt good.  I purposely waited today, because I always start out too fast, and feel way too tired at the end.

Mile 5 was Long Time, by Boston.  I knew I had a decent time.  Anything between 10 & 11 minutes is good for me.  I turned at the end, and the kids were lining up for their race.  It started raining again.

No cheering, clapping, or anything.  I was not directed which way to go, but soon found orange cones.  As I ran through, my time said 53:35.  I almost threw up after holding my breath for several minutes.  The stench, coupled with the race director’s non-stop yammering was just too much.  I walked it off, but it was sketchy for a minute.

Kim brought me a water.  We went and had snacks and waited.  I got a first place for my age division.  Then I realized, I was the only 50-54 year old runner today.  There were about 200 people, and 9-10 women came in after me…but they were all younger.  I started thinking that this was nothing, and I was sort of embarrassed because I was thrilled with a first place (how sad!)…but then I remembered a blogger I read, Feet Meet Street, and I remember Nitmos saying, “Hey, at least you were out there.”, when I dissed my 3rd place medal for a 10K where there were only 3 runners.  I thought of him today.  Here was his comment from back in October, and it helped…

Congratulations. Don’t sneer at an award medal just because of the small field. Other people had a chance to join the race and, guess what, they didn’t show up. You did. You earned it. Great job!

 So, for now, it’s my First Place medal.  It’s my only one ever.  But, it’s mine.  I also won a pound of cheese, so I feel like a winner.  I remember, truly, that I race against myself.  I’m as proud as heck to have this medal. 

Udder Run Prize Me, holding my medal & cheese coupon.

Cheese Prize Udder Run

At the Hilmar Cheese counter for my free Pepper Jack.

Udder Run 2009

Our awards (Kim got third in her age class).

6/13/2009 8:00 AM
Type: Race
Course: Hilmar Udder Run-5 miler
Distance: 5 miles
Duration: 53:35
Pace: 10:43 / mile
Shoe: Mizuno Alchemy
Weight: 🙂
Misc: Quality: 5/10, Effort: 5/10
Weather: 60° F, Rain, Humid, Partly Cloudy
Event URL: www.shadowchase.org/images/2009_udder_run.pdf
Statistics: Calories: 692
VO2 Max: 28

15 thoughts on “Udder Run Race Report, et al.

  1. Congrat! Great job on the race, sounds like despite the stink you had a great race! I love the medals and the fact that you got free cheese. Too cute!!

  2. Wow, same day race report too! I think George Sheenan said “the difference between a jogger and a runner is an entry blank”. Great job keeping up with your training.

  3. Way to run! I’ve placed in small races too where I was 3 out of 3 or 2 out of 2. That’s a great quote”
    “Congratulations. Don’t sneer at an award medal just because of the small field. Other people had a chance to join the race and, guess what, they didn’t show up. You did. You earned it. Great job!”

    It is SO true. Congratulations!

  4. Hell Yea! First place is first place and you cant say much about it. Like your note said it doesnt matte rhow big the field was. Sounded like an interested lactose filled course, haha.

    My means of blogging as been twitter too. I catch myself talking about 140 characters then stopping, in my head my brain is like “you’ve spoken too much, stop talking”

  5. Congrats on a strong race and hardware!

    And for what it’s worth, that performance for 5 miles would place you very high in the W50 at most small races around where I live.

  6. whooohoooo congrats!!!! you definitely earned that medal and I love that you got CHEESE!!!!! yum yum 🙂

  7. Congrats! you do not look blind! That is super amazing and I am loving twitter too. It’s hard to blog when there is twitter. 🙂 ha ha

  8. Ms V, thanks for stopping by my blog. I am not sure which is funnier…the fact that there are two different “Udder Runs” in the US on the exact same day, or the fact that you and I both came away from our respective races with cheese! 🙂

    Continued success to you!

  9. Your post was great!! When you were talking about the cows I just kept thinking about those California Happy Cows and could just imagine them talking to you! and First Place, that is GREAT! I would have been on Cloud 9, who cares how many or how few were in the race, now aren’t you glad you made the trip? stench and all!

    Congratulations, hang that medal where you can see it and enjoy the cheese, cracked me up!

  10. congratsssssss! you should be VERY proud of that medal! that is so awesome 🙂

    love that you won so much cheese too!!! yummmm

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