First, let me get this out of the way.  I am not magnanimous.  I am not running with Sophia because I’m a good person.  It’s the opposite.  I’m such a weak, self centered person!  I am usually thinking about me me me and what I want, need, etc.  I am not working with Sophia because I’m good.  No.  Yeah, it takes time and effort, but I get just as much back from her.  Like today.

I pop over to her house at 7am.  She walks out with her OWN bottle.  She doesn’t need or want the water I brought.  She looks brighter, somehow.  We start our walk, and then start the 60 min jog.  She is going fast.  In fact, I sorta had to keep up with her.  It was an off day for me, and I had In-N-Out last night, so I was um, groggy.

She does 5 cycles of the jog/walk, and then the puking.  4 or 5 times.  Over and over, and everytime, she just kept running.  She was sweating, whereas on Wed., I saw no sweat.  I kept adding on cycles if she puked through them, and she said she liked it.

She told me about the previous two days.  She took a full body photo and hated it.  She cleaned out all the pantry shelves, and threw things away.  Her Mom told me when she came home that Sophia had a bag to give her of *stuff we can’t have in the house*.  She walked with her friend to Subway, she swam 30 laps (around 2 hours).  Water is her drink of choice at every meal.

Today, as we were stretching, she said she really likes how she feels.  Her breathing is not so bad, she says.  I talk with her mom after, and she says Sophia was very sore the first day, but is super psyched.

It took me out of me…and I get to watch and be motivated by HER.  My job is not to assume that she has the same food issues as me.  I’m a funked out compulsive overeater, that left to my own devices, I would be enormous.

Yesterday, Kim and I did 5.5 miles, and we do 6 tomorrow.  It’s going to be hot, so 5am is sweet. 

I’m grateful, but more than anything, Sophia gives me purpose and drive too.  Can you imagine, this 14 year old is running??  She has an entry blank for the 5K on Aug. 29th in Turlock.  As soon as she puts ink to that paper, she’ll be committed.

Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Sophia, Day 2

  1. I LOVE Sophia’s story. I am looking forward to each and every update, truly. I have such a soft spot for people transforming themselves outside and in, by way of one foot in front of the other.

    What you are doing for her is nothing short of fabulous. Keep doing it!

  2. OK, so you’re not magnanimous. So what? You’re doing it–and that’s what counts!

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