A quick 30 minute run through town.  Slow pace, but tomorrow is an off day.  I went to Sophia’s house for Day 3.  She did not puke or drink water one time.  She is fantastic.

Last night, I picked up 11 DVDs I had made for my kids’ Dad, for Father’s Day.  We were married in 94, and separated in 07.  Divorced in Mar. 09.   Okay, now you’re up to speed.

I watched my set last night.  I couldn’t look away.  Who were we?  I see the baby in the hospital, and we taped that…literally for hours.  Just him laying there.  Me yammering in the back, high on Demerol from an ungodly C-Section.

I watched my (then) 3 & 1 year old in the playroom, building Thomas the Tank engine track, and pushing each other down.  A lot.  All total, I watched about 3 hours, of many many more taped.

I brought them to him this morning, and the boys were laughing and laughing as I put them on…they were and are so cute.

But, I looked over at the man I used to love, and have known since 1978, and there were tears in his eyes.  I came and sat next to him, knowing what was coming in the DVD, and we sat for awhile.  The boys went back to their DS games, and we sat there.  For several minutes.

…and I knew I had to leave, because as much as you might want to, you cannot go back…because to go back would be to change the woman I have become.

Happy Father’s Day.  To him, to my Dad, to all.

7 thoughts on “wasn’t it only yesterday?

  1. What an awesome lady you are to give that gift. Your x is a lucky man, I hope he realizes that!

    thanks for sharing!

  2. In the great words of John Mayer, “I’m in repair. I’m not together, but I getting there.” That’s you Linda.

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