I have a problem.  Twitter.  I love the energetic, fresh, engaging format.  However, it’s been taking me away from my first love, blogging. 

I’ve joined the NaBloPoMo…which is like, you gotta blog every day, man.  The topic for July is *Routine*, which I guess is appropriate, since I have not blogged in, oh about a week.   So not like me.  I guess I’m going to have to get back in the routine.  Which led me here today.

First off, I know people have been overwhelmed with too much Michael Jackson.  Not me.  It’s odd.  I didn’t have this weird reaction when he died.  Maybe it’s because the Michael Jackson I loved in the 80s was already dead.  I’m not eloquent, and I’ve read a ton of web/magazine/newspapers, so that I get how everyone feels.  Here’s my take on it.

3 Phases:

MJ-the little kid.  I still cry when I hear Ben & I’ll Be There.  These are songs from when I was a little kid.  Because, he was a little kid.  We are both 50.  I heard those as a kid, and I got this weird stomach/chest flip flop like it almost hurt…You know when you first love someone, or think you do?  That’s what I feel when I hear that.

MJ-The 80s & 90s This is the man.  I remember when MTV first came out, and we all thought it was the Devil.  Seriously.  No one had seen these metal bands with the smoke and craziness…Poison, Foreigner…etc.  My nephew was 2 years old when Billie Jean came out.  I can see me holding him in his little apartment with my sister, and his Dad.  The beat.  It was the 80s.  His Dad was gay and died a horrible AIDS related death, before it was okay to talk about being gay…and I loved him.  I don’t talk about that time much, but it was a shameful time for our country.  People dying.  I held the hand of a friend in the hospital…when we all had to wear gowns, etc…But, my nephew…he was beautiful.  And, we watched that video together.  My little niece…swinging her around in 1991, as we watched Free Willy.  This is the Michael I liked.  This Michael Jackson defined the 80s, and I loved Smooth Criminal in the 90s…newly divorced, and that video was sexy as hell.  Annie, are you alright?

MJ-The Dark, Weird slide into oblivion The tabloids, the trial, the pajamas.  This MJ was unrecognizable.  Really.  He became a Dad.  I judged that…Why, and why now?  I never followed him…the ranch, the chimp, etc.  I was done by then, and I thought he was too.

Most of the Michael Jackson YouTubes are disabled.  I found this one.  Still gives me chills. My first husband and I pulled the car over to hear “We Are The World”, the first time it came on the radio in 1985.  We cried.  It was phenomenal.

Since I spoke here, I’m on Unemployment, trying still to save my house, still running and training for the Nike Women’s Marathon.  Still.  Just got back from Bass Lake…the home of my first drink at age 11.  Both of my boys are at Scout Camp.  One in Northern CA, one in the Eastern Sierras.  I miss them terribly…but they are getting to live their lives.

I’m not going to Hawaii.  I’m thrilled to stay home.  We’ve been going and going and going.

So maybe I’m not making any sense…but I had to get here and attempt a coherent thought that lasts more than 140 characters. 

I spent the day watching the Michael Jackson memorial.  I cried.  Not necessarily because he died…but the 80s.  It was a different time.  We thought we were very attractive.  We all had the same Bon Jovi hair.  When Madonna was a Virgin, and Michael Jackson surprised the world yet again with his amazing talent.

michaeljackson  Rest in Peace Michael…

4 thoughts on “this will be one long rambling post, mostly about michael jackson.

  1. I loved MJ growing up.
    I have to admit, though, that this whole CNN/’FOX/MSNBC/NBC/CBS/ABC coverage has been a bit too much for me to take. Loved the music, did not understand the man.

  2. I loved MJ, and “Smooth Criminal” is my favorite. the sad part about a singer who passes is the way it makes us think about all the songs of they had that we love, and it automatically takes us back to that place and that time when that song was of such great significance.

  3. Glad you’re back! I still have not fallen into the Twitter hole, may not and have been trying to blog at least every OTHER day.

    Don’t know what to say about MJ, sad, yes, but the coverage is a little much. I still love all the songs, like you, Ben, I’ll never forgot that one at the skating rink!! I don’t know why they always played it like a couples song, weird.

  4. I love love love MJ. I still can’t believe he’s gone. Maybe that’s why all the networks have to talk about it so much – to convince me it’s true.

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