If you haven’t used this website yet, I say get thee now to Hella Sound, and check out the one song you need to shake up your run.  It’s one song…set to your cadence…The song is called How To Turn Around A Bad Day“, and John Frenette, owner of the company is one great guy.  You can follow him on Twitter, and see that he not only runs, but interacts with runners…and isn’t that what we’re all looking for anyway?  A real person, running that company where you put your dollars.  Sometime in May, I downloaded the song.

You know what I’ve been dealing with re: unemployment etc., job hunting…and I forgot to even put my new music into my playlist…so I totally screwed up my computer a few days later on a different note/file/nightmare, and lost everything.  Turns out, by the time I went to add it to my iPod, my iTunes had crashed…and I woke up one morning to nothing in my tunes.  If you’ve read this blog for awhile, you know I’m a FREAK about my music.  Every emotion has a soundtrack, that sort of thing.  If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I had a few harrowing weeks of looking for lost files.

My computer guy on the corner fixed all my music.  This weekend, I was finally able to sync my shuffle with my Running Playlist, that had Hella Sound’s song on it.

My review:  Honestly, when I talked with John awhile ago, I thought I would need the 130 cadence, since I’m HELLA slow.  And old (er).  He had me download the cadence, and surprisingly on a run, I came up at 170.  You may not know what I’m talking about, but you have to go to his site to see this.  He tailors the music TO YOU!  Some days you want to run to Aerosmith, and somedays it’s Will.i.am.  It’s not about the song…It’s about the beat.  I was shocked that I got the 170 cadence.  He explained to me that it’s not about how FAST you are.  Actually, because I’m an American, and bigger is better, I thought I was very gifted at 170.  I choose to still believe this.

I ran with it for the first time yesterday.  I listened to random music.  On my first two miles, I was very nauseous, and was ready to stop running…then John’s song came on, and I just let myself run.  It’s one of those songs you can get lost in, and instantly, my nausea went away.  The sun was coming up.  I was HELLA slow, but I stayed with it, rather than in my ADD panic, get a song with words.

You know what?  About 12 minutes in, I was floating.  I was.  We stopped at 4 miles, and I stopped the shuffle.

Today, Kim and I did intervals.  I had 10 minutes left on the song.  It was beautful.  You hardly notice the cadence, but you keep to the beat just the same.  The song is pretty, nice…you hardly notice that you are still running your ass off as you enjoy the music.  I didn’t think I would want just one song for 30 minutes like I did this.  Go there now.  Download.  Get your cadence…and enjoy!

(Like my liberal use of the word HELLA in this post? )

*On a side note, the POM people have contacted me, and want me to review their product on my blog.  They’re sending me yummy drinks, which I will tell you all about…Hey, maybe this can be my new gig!*

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