Date: 7/11/2009 7:15 AM
Type: Easy
Course: 10 miler
Distance: 10 miles
Duration: 2:13:45
Pace: 13:23 / mile
Shoe: Mizuno Alchemy Lime
Weight: 181 lb
Notes: Felt awful. With team. Walked a LOT. Not a good morning.
Statistics: Calories: 1369
VO2 Max: 22.6

This morning, I woke up and my stomach felt wonky.  Something was up.  I went down to Mr. T’s Donuts to meet for the TNT training run.

CharlieBob says “The first mile is a WARMUP!”…that we should not be going faster than a 10 minute mile (no problem).  What he doesn’t realize is that I don’t even get the concept of warming up, etc.  That 11 minute mile? That’s me, balls to the wall.  It’s the best I can do…

The aid stations are at 2, 4, 6, & 8 miles.  We are told to walk.  Okay.  Here’s my problem…since I started walking, I really am very slow.  Slower than normal Ms. V. slow.  First station I make the mistake of sipping Gatorade.  I had taken an Endurolyte Hammer tablet early in the morning, but I can’t take sweet drinks when I run.  They just come right back up.  I made it to the second station, and by that time, I was by myself.  I enjoyed the time, the trail…the music even, but then my stomach started making noise…like,

No matter what, you have to stop.  Soon.

Did I listen? No, no I didn’t.  I passed Mile 4, and the beautiful Holiday Inn Express that the team said was very helpful in letting us use bathrooms, etc.  I should have stopped there, but was determined to hit it at Mile 6.  I took a hit of Hammer Gel, but that stuff is gross now to me.  The tablets seem to work much better.

Mile 5.  I had a map.  Problem is, I didn’t have my glasses.  So I just kept running.  Rick, one of the mentors came by and said “You’re doing fine.”  I turned the corner, and there were 4 of my cohorts running back.  I so wanted to jump with them, but you know, integrity and all…I just kept running.  Made the loop, and started back.

Holiday Inn Express.  My bowels thank you.  I was soaking, as it was 78 degrees now.

Mile 7 was rough, and at the Mile 8 station, I simply doused myself with water.  I ran through a guy’s sprinklers.  My hat was falling off.

When I turned for that last half mile, I had to pull out my iPod, and count.  I counted to fire hydrants, to signs, to that blue car.  I counted in rounds 10x at least.  I did the Serenity Prayer; I worked the AA Steps on the run (yes, I’m powerless)…and finally…bliss.

There CharlieBob sits, the team is there…clapping, and so kind.  I sit with him awhile, and tell him this may not be for me…that I have way too much self doubt.  He is an Ultramarathoner, and said that his brain tells him stuff on his runs too.  That he should stop, etc.  His wisdom and guidance is invaluable.

I fell asleep in the pool and the spa.  We went and got Scout #2 from camp drop off.  It’s 5:15, and this body is saying one thing:  Pizza.

Happy Saturday, and 10 in the books.


8 thoughts on “A Tough 10.

  1. I cannot tell you how many times my brain tells me to stop, to quit. Pretty much on every run. Certainly on the hard/hot ones and almost always on all my speedwork. Sounds like a tough, hot run. Those kind are just hard. Training in the summer is hard. It will make you slower. Accept that and just get through. Take walk breaks. It will make you slower but you’ll feel better and you’ll finish stronger. And don’t take so much gels and stuff during the run. Sounds like you had more than you needed. Too much will make you nauseous. Try alternative products. Find the one that works for you. I can’t take Gu for example. It just turns my stomach. Had to hunt around to find something that worked for me.

    You’re doing fine. Bad runs happen.

  2. Ya know, this stuff happens. When I used to run cross country or would do 10K circuit, I can recall having many, many of these days. Ben gay on the back of my tongue would keep my throat from tightening when I would be gasping for air on hot days(I know guhross, but it worked)and the whole mind over matter seemed to win more often then not…Knowing I was a sprinter and not a distance runner helped me overcome being passed and I had to remember not to take off and try to keep up with a pack that was 30 secs faster than me. I found it was always a race against myself and it took me quite some time for me to understand my limitations. I just always remember what my coach would say…pump your arms Lisa…the rest of your body will follow, it always did!

  3. We all have the same problem. That’s why you are *training*. The thing that I never clued into was all those little things that you are experiencing now – remember and pull them out of your bag of tricks at your marathon. If Hammer Gel is causing problems, find another one that is not. Your trick to get youthrough the last miles today – use it when things aren’t looking to good.

    Training is a lot more than running.

  4. I hate to say it, but you will have more tough runs. BUT, you will also have plenty of runs where you’ll say to yourself, “this is easy and fun!”. This was a good run to train your mind and it sounds like the mind got just as good a workout as your body did.

  5. Way to hang in there for ten! When runs are hard like that, it’s even more satisfying when we’re done!

    I am still trying to get a fuel strategy down. GU has me rushing to the bathroom as soon as I walk in the door. Sports Beans don’t seem to do anything for me. So I need to experiment more . I do know that just plain water is the best for me – sports drink after run only. I will try a few other gel brands, but for the most part, for me, less is more right now!

  6. Man – it’s so hard!! I have decided electroyle drinks mess me up too. And running isn’t easy – otherwise everyone would do it! You’re doing great – and try not to fall asleep in the pool alone 🙂

    October will be here before we know it!

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