This is the first week since school ended that we don’t have anything to do.  At all.  This is what I call “real summer”.

When I was a kid, we got up, tore around on our bikes, went to the park, swam at the pool, got ice cream, hung out, built teepees, built forts, slept in the back yard, went to the park, played Barbie, played teacher, played doctor, got ice cream…you get the drift.  And, I was skinny as hell.

In an effort to make my boys “figure it out”, I allow a bit of TV in the morning and in the night.  Yesterday I screwed up by giving in to the Harry Potter marathon, and after 2 movies, the youngest was up in the middle of the night, a bit overstimulated by it all.

Right after school got out, the boys went to LA for a week with my folks, then VBS for a week, then Bass Lake for a week, then Scout camp for a week.  I had all these things planned, and they were great…but when do my boys get to relax…without the Wii, TV, DS, GameCube or computer games?

There are no more planned weeks of anything.

Today, they get to figure out what summer is all about…nothing.  Bring it on.


7 thoughts on “Authentically, Summer.

  1. Waking up and having nothing planned is great! Those were the good old days when i didnt have to work!

  2. I hope your boys enjoy it, because once they get older, they’ll have to plan time to do “real summer” things, say run around like an idiot for instance. Cheers!

  3. I don’t wish to brag, but I’m awesome at doing nothing! Can you make a career out of it?

  4. You are soooo right. Today’s kids are used to having things plnned out for them – I am as guilty as anyone. They don’t know what to do with their “spare time” becuase we never allowed them to have any.

    Oh – I’m on week 11 because I’m doing a 24 week plan. I actually cheated and dropped week 1, so I’m really on week 10 of training, week 11 of the plan (Pfitz 24/55). Now is when things get tough for me. Long distances, slow runs, lots of heat. Yuck.

  5. The smell of cut grass and bike grease that’s what summer is all about but prizing anyone away from a TV or PC is the hard thing to….

  6. mmmm – summer! Dress up, forts, GI Joes, daily picnics in the front yard – don’t think my sisters and I ate a single lunch inside all summer!

  7. I agree.
    We are on the run so much during the summer that it sometimes wears me out more than school does.

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