This morning, Princess couldn’t get up.  She couldn’t lift her butt up…sort of like Labs when they get hip dysplasia…and so the vet told us to bring her in.  It’s almost 2pm, and we’ve heard nothing.  Dr. Daniels called me to tell me the cost, and what they’re doing: x-rays, demerol, etc., but I didn’t care…who would care at this point?

This dog came to our family in the April of 2006.  100_2069

She was a Wil-E Coyote then.  She was so sweet.  Sitting by my feet at the rescue shelter when we went to get Chet, the dog we picked out online.  Almost like she knew we were coming.  As we were walking around the kennels, she came out and just sat by me.  I couldn’t say no.

 The story is that she was pregnant when she was picked up by Pets N Pals.  Of course, the puppies were taken, and she was waiting for a home.  Apparently, a family of 6 picked her, but she was so afraid of them, that she hid behind the couch…and because they wanted a dog for play…they brought her back.  For us.

I really wanted Chet & Princess…both of them.  We were at the end of a 12 year marriage, and I was hoping they would save us…just a bit, and I know life’s not a fairy tale, but I was hoping.

Princess soon began to manifest some really emotionally distressful symptoms…You couldn’t take her picture.  She would freak out and run away.  She jumped over my fences, and the Dog Catcher would bring her back.  To date, she is a 6 time felon in the Ripon pokey.  The last time she jumped was at Christmas.  I rigged up an electric fence, and during the training, she looked at me (with the electric collar on), and jumped right over.  (I took the fence back…didn’t work). 

Next, I would keep her in the house during the day.  She’s gauged a huge hole in my bedroom door.  She jumps through windows during fireworks…and just on regular days.  She tears the screen door off, just to get in the house.  She lays with me wherever I go in the house.  When I’m gone, she makes herself at home on my bed. (Not okay). 

But…the very BEST thing about this dog…is that every night when we first separated, Princess would go in and put her nose on the boys’ beds.  They petted and petted until they fell asleep.  She would go from bed to bed to spend time with each boy.  She knew they needed her.

So, now I wait.  We love this dog.  I’m praying for the best, but so sad that she is hurting.  I was hoping by the end of this post, I’d hear from the doctor, but nothing yet.

This is the $40 dog that has cost me thousands…and has so been worth every penny.


11 thoughts on “Princess

  1. We are hoping and praying that it will turn out to be something that you AND Princess can handle. It’s REALLY cool you’re taking Princess her bear 🙂

  2. I understand what you are going through…my parents just put down my dog of 7 years. We adopted her when she was 5 years old and she had cancer and was really struggling so we had to put her down. It was very sad and so I hope that you dont have to go through that : (

  3. Just go with the flow. But remember that this doesnt mean that youll just go with the flow all throughout. There must be one thing that you carry. That is COMMITMENT. Just be committed that you will overcome everything that life is giving you as a trial or challenge. Sweat it all out! : )

  4. I’m getting to this game late. Glad she was able to come home yesterday. I trust everything is still okay? I’m keeping my fingers crossed…..

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