Date: 8/1/2009 5:00 AM
Type: Easy
Course: 14 miles
Distance: 14 miles
Duration: 2:56:00
Pace: 12:35 / mile
Shoe: Mizuno Alchemy Lime
Weight: 181 lb
Statistics: Calories: 1916
VO2 Max: 24.9

Yesterday, I ran this run.  At 5am.  I had friends coming in from NH, NE, FL and I had to get this done.  Kim came to the house after a long night of tossing and turning over my current E ride, and I loaded up my fuel belt for a 3 hour run. 

This would be my longest run ever.

We planned to stop at 2 miles and walk for 2 minutes the whole course.  Kim and I had driven it the night before, hiding water, and candy bars for her, and seeing just how long 14 miles was.

The first 2 miles were great, except the Shell station wasn’t open, and I had to use it.  Bad.  We found an open restroom at the park, so made another stop there.  At the end of 2 miles, we walked…I felt like my legs were free, and it was good.

Mile 2-4 we ran out in the country pre-dawn.  Looking over at her running, right before the sun came up was amazing.  We turned down a farm road, and made mile 4 at a 9:30 pace.  Amazing.  We walked, and it was good.

Mile 4-6…out in the country, onto Jack Tone road and River, which is my favorite road.  The sun was starting to come up.  We stopped at the restroom there, and again, drank and I took my Hammer Gel. 

Mile 6-8 was one long road back to the beginning.  A very long road…but I ran through sprinklers.  Stopped, drank.  And then drank too much.

Mile 8-10 was rough, and this is what happened on the Half Marathon a few weeks ago.  By the time we got to Jami’s house, where more water was hidden, I had overfilled, and felt too full and sloshy.

Mile 10-12 was down near the market, the truck stop, the McDonald’s, etc.  We had to go up the mother of all overpasses.  I was struggling, and I think Kim’s knees were giving out.  We walked again.  Saw my ex-sister in law walking, and brought up all new kinds of stuff.

Mile 12-14.  I thought…we are running a Half Marathon…and then some.  We had to finish at 7th street, so I played a game with my self…running from 1st, 2nd, etc…and doing the Ryan Hall, “Head down, butt up” move.

We finished.  We were close to my house, so we got our feet in the pool and had an FRS Energy drink.  And we were excited.  I couldn’t believe I did it. 

During the run, I worked out a lot of garbage.  It was good.  It took 3 hours, but I remembered Quadrathon‘s quote: 

You can’t make steel without fire.

And, you know what?  You can’t.

Happy Sunday

9 thoughts on “Longest Ever.

  1. Way to go on your 14 miler today. Doesn’t sound like it was too bad. Just wait until you get into the longer runs and you’ll look back and think 14 miles doesn’t sound like much. Believe me, it will happen.

  2. AWESOME!!!!!!!! the best part of training for marathon #1 is having all those “longest runs ever” – i looooved that part!

  3. amazing, what a great 14M run. I love running as the sun rises, I should try it again sometime soon. congrats, you keep getting better and better!

  4. Stick with it Linda! What you are describing at miles 10+ is best remedied by running more long , slow miles. You are doing amazing!

    It reminds me of the scene in Jeremiah Johnson when Redford is up in the snow roasting a rabbit in the winter, and is visited by Bear Claw Chris Lapp – “You’ve come far pilgrim.” Johnson replies, “Feels like far.” Lapp – “Were it worth the trouble?” Well? Were it worth the trouble?

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