Let go of results.

Let go of bad relationships.

Let go and let God.

Let go, or be freakin’ dragged.

That’s about it.  Haven’t run.  Haven’t wanted to.  Muckety mucking through this week.  Great start to school year.  Love my new job and students.  Staff is wonderful.

And, I’m exhausted…This is from a webpal I met last year.  Makes sense to start the year off with this.  My students are working on it next week.  Happy Friday.

Update:  Here are my Freshmen’s responses the first time they saw the video today:


Great advice.

To be ourself no matter what, and not listen to whatever people say about you.

All that stuff was true about life.

This really caught my attention.

Children respecting their elders .

Liberty to do whatever you want.

Be careful about people giving you advice.

It reminded me of my past when I was a dumb kid, making wrong decisions.

It gave me laughter.

To keep moving forward.

Not just to think about myself, but others.

Self Confidence.

2 thoughts on “Let Go, Or Be Dragged.

  1. Ah I’ve heard this before, I don’t recall it being with a video like this or not.

    You will not understand the power and beauty of your youth until it fails you. Awesome.

    Thanks Linda, I shared this with Kayla… I think at 17 she is finally learning some of this…

  2. Indeed the race is only with yourself. This is an old one, but a good one. Thanks for the reminder.

    Congrats on a new year.

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