More on the TNT front!!  I’m so excited to tell you about this new, fresh fundraiser that John of Hella Sound.  It’s the coolest running music on the internet, and in this fundraiser, everyone wins!!

Hella Sound has offered HALF…that’s HALF, people of his proceeds from your download to go to TNT fundraiser…I’m sure you ALL remember I’m training for my first marathon in October, so this will really help in my fundraising goals.

You get: 

  • A killer song for $5 (download the cadence first to see what you should buy…I run at 170)
  • To know that HALF of that fiver goes to Leukemia Society fundraiser.
  • Props for being one of the *cool kids* who has his music.

It’s a 30 minute song, and I’m telling you, it rocks.  Just this weekend, I downloaded the second song, a mix of metal and rock, and I am running with it tomorrow.

When you check out, make sure you use the coupon code TNTLINDA…

You’ll be doing a good need, and getting a kickass song that will keep your feet moving…


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