Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my last blog post.  Part of me is thankful to have it out there, and part of me is fearful that it’s out there…You never know who will read your stuff.


Yesterday, the TNT team did a 20 mile run.  Because I had not laced up on any long run, CharlieBob told me I could only run 15.5.  I listened.  I did.

Got up at 4:30.  Met Rick, a mentor, at 5:20am so as to follow him up to Knight’s Ferry, where the run was.  Got up there at 6:15…and a line of 15 cars was waiting to get in.

First things first:  Fuel…I have such trouble with this.  We weighed in.  I’ve lost 10 pounds in 2 or 3 weeks.  The point being, that we were going to have to weigh in afterward too, to make sure we took in enough fuel.

First four miles: Wonderful.

Then I got lost…up a hill, down the covered bridge (where we took honeymoon pictures, but I digress), then to cemetary hill.  Twice. 

I did it.  CharlieBob ran with me about 3 miles, and it helped me not give up.  We chatted, and I never do that normally.

Finally finished, weighed the same, did a 13:10 pace, which is fine with me because I just want to finish that marathon…

I weighed exactly the same after the run.  S!Caps (Succeed) saved me.  I felt great…not oversloshy and not sick!  Thank you Rick!!

So.  Training continues.  Life does indeed go on.

3 thoughts on “15.5

  1. well done on your run, 15M is a huge number of miles. you are going to do great at NWM.

  2. Sending you good vibes. Nice to see you’ve almost reached your fund raising goal. Good job!

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