This week’s runs: 60 min on Tuesday, 60 min today…Missed intervals yesterday morning due to staying up until 3am the night before.

Kim and I got started on our first mile, after the required 5 minutes of therapy on the way to the start.  At the first mile, I was drenched.  The second mile, my stomach was yelling at me.  Raisin Bran is not my friend.  I ate a bowl for dinner, and I guess it was a bit *too* much bran, as the first orchard we came to at mile 3, I had to take a little side trip.  A cop drove by, and Kim waved him off.  Nice.

Mile 3-5 was sluggish and painful. 

Now, for the crux of the post.  Mizunos.  I have a love affair with them, and although they are good to me in the beginning of the relationship, they don’t last.  They lie (hmm…I’m sensing a trend in my life).  Each time, I get 200 miles max out of them.  Then, they are done.  No warning, no long goodbyes.  Simply flatten.  I thought it was my inserts.  I don’t think so.

My question today…I have Nike Women’s Marathon in 4 weeks.  Is it a bad idea to get shoes now?  Honestly, I don’t think I have a choice.  I’ve picked Mizunos so long, that I know the drill.  It’s simply time.

Toenail.  I think I’m losing one. 

And now…I’m $50 away from my fundraising goal.  So, I will run…In crappy or new shoes, with or without my toenail, because after all…nothing could be as bad as having leukemia.  This 6 months has not been about me.  At all.


8 thoughts on “To Mizuno or NOT to Mizuno

  1. My last pair of shoes were Mizunos…I kind of had the same issues. I bought Brooks this time (and actually need a new pair…but only because it’s time…not because they wore out prematurely).They have been great! I need a little wider toe box than some shoes allow. The Brooks I bought have been great…not one issue…not even from day one.

    I would say that if you are going to get new shoes for the marathon…you should do so this weekend so that you have time to break them in and be sure they are gonna be the right shoe for your race.

    Let us know what you get!

  2. Interesting post. I have a marathon in less than three weeks and was going to switch from Brooks Adrenalines to Mizuno Wave Inspires. Ran three runs in the Mizunos and am going back to brooks. My feet are not used to the Mizunos yet and it is too close to marathon day to make such a change for me. Maybe you wait until after your marathon to switch, but it seems like changing now may be a recipe for disaster.

  3. This is what I’ve heard from shoe guys and other bloggers: Mizunos just don’t last as long. They are lighter than most shoes, but the trade off is sturdiness. Get new shoes, they should be broken in plenty in four weeks. As you say, life goes on. Stay strong! Cheers.

  4. I vote with the previous commentators. Get a new pair of Mizunos now, they will be broken in just right in about 4 weeks. Only 4 weeks? Wow, its getting close, you’re going to do great!

  5. A. I’m glad that you agree they don’t last that long, I was starting to think I was a little nutz!
    B. I always have two pairs of shoes in my rotation since shoes need 24 hours between runs for the cushion to come back. Can you get a second pair and wear them the majority of the time, keeping the current mizunos for your long runs?

  6. I learned long ago, eating fiber before a run is not a good idea….surprised you did not come to me with your questions about nutrition, running, and bowel movements…my specialties….LOL.

  7. Does no one wear Asics! I love the Gel Evolution. I’m wearing the Gel Foundation 8 right now, and taking some time to get used to the change.

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