This morning was the 10K MJC Cancer Awareness Run/Ride .  I got up after 6 whole hours of sleep, which was amazing and fabulous, considering I’m averaging 4 these days.

I got there and met our team, and Isolda, who is running the Nike Half with me.  She asked me why I hadn’t run? Was I sick? Was I okay?  I told her the whole sordid story, and her response was, well…you should be able to leave all that anger out on the road today…I had some time with the team, and I rarely do that.  I usually stay to myself.

Mile 1 was like running through water.  It was hard.  Then, the whole thing got very easy…for the most part.

Mile 2 I started to feel the rumblings of my stomach.  I had wheat thins late last night and it was probably not a good idea.  This was a fun mile, because all the fast runners were coming back, and they looked like butterflies, gliding through the run.  This was a farm road, and on the side of the road, barns, fields…I started to look for a good place to stop.  I knew I would not make this race unless I could relieve myself.  At the mile 3 turn around, I decided to hit a corn field.  Did you know you can’t go INTO a corn field?  Well, you can’t.  I was at 31:00 at mile 3, and felt confident.

I thought I would get a PR today, but I was 35 seconds slower.  No matter.

Stopped in the corn field.  Got back on the road, and thought I had better get a sip of water at Mile 4.  This may have been a mistake.  Mile 4 & 5, the last month of my life flooded my running, until I was yelling out loud.  “That Mother Effer is NOT going to take me down.”  Yelled it over and over.  Got running.  Hoped there weren’t any kids around.

Mile 6 was an effort.  Don’t Stop Believing came on my iPod.  I listened to it twice. 

I finished, but had a stitch in my side.

Kudos go to the organizers of this event.  Amazing and great registration, good water stations, quiet but accurate Mile Markers.  Pleasant and happy volunteers.  My favorite part were the signs along the road…what a great idea.

I am having chemo, my husband is just bald.

It’s the Journey, not the Destination.

There’s never too many friends when you are battling cancer.

It made me so grateful to just keep running.  I was slugging the air, crying again at Mile 5, and yelling.  I was present though.  I had a great time…and I left all that stuff on the road.

Happy Saturday.

6 thoughts on “10K Race Report

  1. Sounds like a good, cathartic race for you! And I’ll bet you spend at least 35 seconds at the corn field, so I’d call it a PR except for the finish time.

  2. Sounds like a really good race. I’m glad you yelled and fought hard. Running on a farm road sounds like fun. Good race!

  3. I do the same during races sometimes. I just get so pissed at myself that I have to let out a string of wise sayings! You and I need to run a race together one day. We can yell at each other like drill seargents!

  4. AMEN to using the anger, it’s the best way to run it out!!

    35 seconds slower, eh that’s nothing sounds like you did great.

    But seriously 4 hours of sleep…I’d be a walking zombie

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