{My ex husband called to tell me that someone read my blog in where I admitted I was controlling and never loved him.  Any of you read that?  Um, no.  Never wrote it.  My blog went dark over the weekend, but then I realized.  I really love this thing…and these people? Uh, too much time on your hands…drama much?}


If you are an ex lover or husband or friend…I blog whatever I want.  My life has always been an open book…and I am not afraid.  I’m also an adult, and I never spill the gory details in full on here…I know that if I don’t want the world to see it, I put it on my other blog…which is for my eyes only…So, I get the rules.  Now, you need to get them too.  See that little site-meter thingy on the bottom of my blog?  It tells me who reads the blog.  Nothing is hidden.


20 miles.

I came to Knight’s Ferry yesterday fully expecting to run 22 miles, as was on the schedule.  CharlieBob changed it to 20, which still sounded like a LOT.

I said to him at 6am… “oooh it’s a little chilly”.  He looked at me, and said it was supposed to be 101 yesterday.

It was 6:30.  We started.  I felt like my legs were slugging through mud.  Up the hills to Sonora Road.  I was barely at mile 1, when I realized I had to go to the bathroom.  Badly.  I rationalized that perhaps there would be some kind of porta potty somewhere…there wasn’t.  By mile 3, there was no other choice but to find a bush.  I won’t bore you with the details, but total stops: 5…

There were aid stations every 2 miles, and I had a sip at mile 2.  (Here I must say a big thank you to the volunteers.  It was hot out there.)  Another at mile 4, and an S!Cap.  I packed 5 of them, and I took them all.

Mile 6 and 8 were uneventful.  My back was to the sun, the rolling hills reminded me of Napa-Sonoma Half…but there was absolutely nothing to look at.  Mile 8 is typically where I over-fill, so I purposely had very little.  In fact, I left my fuel belt there, because I thought I would be looping back in 45 minutes.  Nothing could be further from the truth…it was much longer than that. 

Mile 10.  Stopped.  Turned.  In full force of the sun beating down on the road.  In the back was Sarah, Caroline and me.  Sarah scooted on ahead.  At Mile 10, I was wiped out.  I ran/walked for a bit.  But, once you start walking, you are going to walking for a very long time.  I turned around to see Caroline, and that’s when we met up and started this journey together. 

At Mile 12, I picked up my fuel belt.  I sure needed it…it took us a long time to get there.  Iced down my top, back, head, etc.  It was about 80 degrees.  Caroline and I finally got to Mile 14, where her husband was the aid station.  I was starving, ate an orange, a Gu, another S!Cap.  We filled ziplocs with ice, then deliriously went on our way.  We decided to market an IceBra for runners.  It gets like that when you are starting to lose your mind.

We started bargaining.  Okay, walk until that post, then run to that car, etc.  CharlieBob came out in his car as we were going up Big Bertha, the gigantic hill.  I was concerned about Caroline, because she wasn’t sweating.  We had drank and watered down, and iced for a long time.  We stayed together.  I had a headache, and was dizzy.  Just a little.

At Mile 16, the two girls gave us more water and ice.  More ice.

CharlieBob kept driving by us asking us if we wanted to get in.  He met us at Mile 18.  Buzzards were circling over dead animals, and it was a bit creepy.  We weren’t looking so hot.  I kept trying to get enough energy to keep going.  He gave us an electrolyte tab at Mile 18, and a PB&J sandwich.   He kept driving by, wanting us to get in the car.

I finally said, “Charlie, no one is getting in that car with you.”

He drove on.  We started running.  We ran most of Mile 19 & 20, stopping to walk a block in the town.

As we made our way up the hill, we were greeted with about 15 members of the team…cheering us on.  I nearly cried.  They had been in a long time, yet they still were there. 

20 miles.  Ugly ones, mostly…but done.  My legs are thrashed today, and I am tired.  But oh, so proud.

8 thoughts on “20 miles.

  1. Sometimes it’s ugly and the name of the game is just plain old perseverance. I’m proud of you for sticking it out in tough hot conditions. Way up north it barely got to 50 here today.

  2. 20 miles baby!! Woo Hoo! Way to go! Who cares if they were ugly! 20 miles is 20 miles!!

    And tell all those nosey stupid people to get out of your life! Screw you nosey people!!

  3. amazing post! mile 10, into the hot and angry sun = awful running. way to struggle through, never give up, tell CB that you will not be getting into the car, and to finish 20M!

  4. Hooray! I am so proud of you for finishing that hard, hot 20 miles! And you did good, too. It is so hard running in the heat. I LOVE the ice bra idea. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. You are ready for your marathon.

  5. Excellent effort and way to go to finish things up! I know *exactly* how ugly long runs can be.

    To make them a little easier you might want to consider taking in more calories during the run. You should be able to safely take in 200 to 250 calories per hour (two gel packs per hour or equivalent). It helps. Especially during your marathon.

    But – sorry – we can’t do anything about the heat. S-Caps/electrolytes are the best thing for that – keep replacing the electrolytes and sodium to keep from cramping. I take two Endurolyte caps per hour. If it’s going to be hot at Long Beach I’m going to up that to four caps per hour.

    And now you belong to one of the elite groups of runners – those who have finished 20 plus miles. Believe me – there aren’t that many! Congratulations!

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