You have to get up pretty early to cheat on Ms. V.

I laughed so hard, I nearly spit out my yummy drink this afternoon.  My students have VERY creative ways of texting…in their pockets, in their book bags, under the table.  I catch myself in AWE of these students, and know I would have done the VERY same thing.  We were lacing brownies with *stuff* in high school, but I digress. (My Mom reads my blog.  Sorry, Mom.)

I try to tell them, “Look, I’m old.  If there is one trick that you can think of that I haven’t thought of or done, I’d like to know what it is.”  Texting is nothing more than passing notes…or is it?  I have a permanent iPod charging station in my room, because I KNOW they are doing it.  Might as well have the energy for break or lunch.

I mostly have very sweet students.  Today, however, tested my nerves.  I can take aggressive students, I love assertive students…Passive aggessive kids tend to push my buttons, however…That little clicking or rapping, and I look and they stop, etc…SO annoys me.

Today, I tell “J” that she has to finish her work out of the class because she is so disruptive.  Her reply?  “Good, then I won’t have to look at your face.” 

For the first time, I had no words.

Next, “M” tells me “You aren’t a runner.  You don’t look like a runner.  YOU couldn’t be a runner.”  He told me he ran 4 miles in 30 minutes, and I was impressed, and threw around words like, “lactate threshold”, “PR”, “sprint”…he wasn’t impressed.

Well guess what I’m showing him tomorrow.

2008 2009 medals & bibs

Yup.  Bibs on the left are 2008, on the right…the current year.  In the middle, my training programs. 

I’m on the beginning of two weeks of taper.  I am too a runner.  Pffffft.

11 thoughts on “Before He Cheats. Heh.

  1. Ha ha, girl you are too a runner. What a little joker, that would push me over the edge! Glad you have some serious hardware to show off to him! 🙂

  2. One thing I know about young runners, they ain’t got what it takes to run for long distances. My son can smoke me on a 5K but he doesn’t stand a chance on anything over 10-miles.

    It’s that “instant gratification” that the kids want and those skinny f#ckers burn out too fast. Invite you’re little friend to run a marathon and I’m sure he’ll find a reason like “I’m doing my homework” to get out of it. Actually, that might be a way to get them to actually do their homework.

    Later runner!

  3. Youth is SO wasted on the young, in so many ways. 😉 You are a runner rockstar. But you didn’t need us to tell you that. Just look at that wall.

  4. It always has amazed me – if people would put in focused time and effort the way they do trying to figure out how to cheat the system, they would be successful on their own merits!

    And congrats on your eval!

  5. you are a runner, and you look like a runner. and, your positive attitude makes you the best kind of runner.

  6. looking at all of those race bibs i am jealous and inspired to add to the two that i have acquired the last 2 months. i want to be a runner like you!

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