So, here I am on a Sunday afternoon.  Woke up at 8:15am, which like, NEVER happens.  When you’re a Mom, you just don’t sleep in.

{News of Note:  Dodgers took the National League West.  Now that that’s over, I have gotten my Game 1 NLCS tickets, and we just have to beat Pujols, et al.}

So, I keep looking at the calendar, and I keep wondering…hmmm 2 weeks.  Then I panic.  Two weeks until I attempt my first marathon.  Nike Women’s Marathon  Am I ready?

Well, let’s see.

  • Week 22 or so of marathon training with TNT.  Yes, I missed two weeks due to ex-husband drama, that simply could not be avoided.  I suffered greatly, long into the nights…not scared that I would drink or be suicidal…but yes, I felt homicidal…and that was a first. 
  • Longest run:  20 miles last weekend.  Ugly ones, but did them.
  • Two pairs of Mizunos with 250 miles + on them.  Wearing one of them in 2 weeks.
  • S!Caps rock.  Continue to save me.
  • Raised my money, printed my bar code for my bib.  Checked out Parc55, where TNT will reside.

Yesterday, Kim and I got on the road at 5:00 am for ten miles.  I was taking my soon-to-be-10-year-old to San Francisco.  We did the 5×2 route…5 miles one way, 5 miles the other in our city. 

First half:  Ran with the moon in the dark.  Went over Jack Tone overpass, and marveled at the fact that it was not difficult.  As I look back at all the blog posts about that overpass, we called it “The Mother of all Overpasses”, and now?  It’s not so hard…  Ran on River Road, and stopped at Mile 3 on N. Ripon.  Still felt fantastic.  Had to stop for a bush (that’s getting more common now), and ran over the catwalk to our old Starbucks.  5 miles done.

Second half:  This was harder.  Had to go back and out opposite side of town.  This is our regular route, and we were doing it backwards.  I don’t know why, but it was harder.  I took an S!Cap on an empty stomach.  Back over the catwalk, and out to Boesch, which is typically fast.  About 2 miles in I had to stop with a stomach cramp.  Note to self:  PB & Bagel & Banana.  Need it.  Didn’t eat it.  When we got to our corner, we had three miles left to go.  Back up over the overpass, down to second street.  Sun was rising.

Time:  1:57:58.  Very happy with it.  Under two hours means under 12:00 pace.

San Francisco:  BART, Cable Cars, Aquarium, Hard Rock, Game Stop, home.  My 10 year old goes with me to an AA speaker meeting where I had to do a brief history of my Home Group.  I never take my kids, ever.  He loved being *coffee boy*.  Home.  Bed.

Am I ready?  I feel ready.  I’m loving taper.  Panic subsides, and I go about my day.  I might feel more nervous later, but for now…just savoring the peace.

Mirror Lake

4 thoughts on “2 weeks. And Counting.

  1. Linda – one thing you’ll want to do this weekend *before* your long run is to make sure to eat what you plan on eating the morning of your marathon. You’ll want to make sure that it’s going to settle okay. You’ll be nervous enough the morning of your marathon. Don’t eat something new, or worse, don’t not eat!

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