Marathon week is approaching

It’s only Tuesday and I feel nothing

I have 12 days to go

I run 3 miles this morning.   Eh, great.

No nerves, no self flagellation

Everyone says it will happen.

It just hasn’t yet.

Restlessness?  Yes…Can’t quite seem to settle on a book, or a TV show, or a newspaper.

Irritable?  A bit.  Student says I’m not listening to her…I’m like, whatEVER

Discontent? Well, looking at my house deciding how to keep it, if I keep it, will I keep it?

Same discussion I’ve been having for 2.5 years.

No, no taper madness yet.  Not freaking out about the marathon.

Restless, Irritiable, Discontented.

Perhaps this really IS taper madness.

And, by the way…why am I not nervous?

7 thoughts on “restless, irritable, discontent

  1. Show up, start running and don’t stop until you cross the finish line………any questions?

  2. No point in worrying now. And no need to get the so-called madness. Rest up, get ready. You are ready. Cheers!

  3. Nervous? Pfffttt. I am gald you aren’t nervous. Whats to vbe nervous about? You don’t need it. Just run, do it, enjoy it.

    Ha-ha, I just read PunRockRunner’s reply. Read it again, woman. You’ll have just enough nerves and ornery ‘tude to get you through that day and picture us in your head cheering you on!


    P.S. Keep your house!

  4. oh, taper madness for sure. welcome to the world where no matter what you do, you will question it, question whether you should question it, and then question why you haven’t questioned it more.

  5. haha that is definitely taper madness… i get SO irritable i should just hide in a room by myself 🙂

    you are going to do great!!!! getting close!

  6. Let’s see. 12 days and you feel nothing. Yet you know it’s 12 days. Hmm. Sounds like taper madness. I’ll give you until 4 days before you panic. Here’s my response when I finally figured out I was doing this thing called “marathon”:

    Don’t worry. You’ll do fine. I’ll start passing some gems to you over the next few days. For now – enjoy taper!

    And I’ve got to ask – if I would have left the verb out and just said “Legs – You Done Good.” would you have just marked it as redneck speak and given me full credit? 🙂

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