Today is a gorgeous day in Northern California.  Fall is here!  I spent last night doing laundry, my regular Friday stuff since I’ve been doing long runs on Saturday mornings.  I know, exciting, right?

We got information this week that our regular Saturday long run would be the Cheese & Wine 10K in Riverbank today.  I really didn’t want to pay $25 to run.  However, I talked with SpeedySasquatch over at Twitter, and he convinced me that this would be a good thing to run.  He advised me to do a 2 mile warmup, then run, then do a cooldown.  *Note: I don’t cool down…my cool down consists of changing into shorts and a tank*

I had a bagel late in the afternoon yesterday, then had some scrambled eggs and a couple frozen waffles for dinner.  I know, right?  Crazy boring food, but it works for me.

When the alarm went off at 5:30, the first thing I thought was…I am so sick of running.  This will be 4 days in a row…Then, tomorrow, Tues & Thurs for 30 minutes each…then Nike.

Came to Riverbank (home of German Fernandez, celebrated college running athlete), the place I taught last year.  None of my old students were there…thankfully. 

1 M warmup, then we all gather like lemmings…and no gun, just started running (I’m sure there was one, I just didn’t hear it)

Mile 1 and 2 my legs were like lead.  Couldn’t really get them going.  First song was the same first song from the Midnight Half Marathon and it doesn’t hold great memories for me…HOWEVER, I had great music for most of the run.

My legs finally came to the party at Mile 3.  Mad props for the Riverbank Cross County High School team, all in their uniforms and volunteering at the aid stations. 

One of the weird things in these local races is always passing the elites as they are running back…which means by the time I get there, it will have been a long time…and it’s a head trip.

At Mile 4 & 5 we went down a long hill (sweet!), but I know that what goes down, must come up.  Then the route went all wonky in between parks and train tracks and houses…and I was pretty much alone, just trying to stay up and follow my teammates.  It was not a pretty run…

Mile 5 was going up that long hill, and finally I woke up.  Overtook the 70 year old Grandma who had been ahead of me the whole way.  I chased into the chute at 1:08:35, although I do not know what the official time was.  All I have to say is that Mile 5 to the end was the best run of the day.

Nice run, no porta potties…The movie theater opened up for us to use restrooms.  Weird snacks:  chips and apples…

I never stopped for the aid stations.  I wanted to just finish.  I have 8 days until Nike. 

I’m ready.

*Note: This is the picture Tommy LaSorda tweeted after Game 2.  I’m on my way to Dodger Stadium on Wednesday, if we win just one more.*


2 thoughts on “Cheese & Wine 10K Race Report

  1. you will be great at Nike, so just enjoy the next two runs for what they are, and then get ready to do your first marathon!!!!

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