This has been an odd day.  Last night, my youngest son tells me that he is getting promoted to a Red-Black belt tomorrow night at TaeKwonDo.  I say, “Honey, I have playoff tickets to Game 1…do you want me to stay?” Small pause.  “No, Mom.  It’s fine.”

Not only do I love this boy madly, I realized that even though October 15th, 1988 was 21 years ago, and when Kirk Gibson hit his dinger, and I have tickets to that very game tomorrow on October 15th, 21 years later…and I…well, I just realized in that moment that he would never be 10 again, and never get this belt again, and um…the Dodgers can play over and over again…

Okay, so I stayed home.

Today, I roamed around the house, packing for Nike…planning to go to the BIG Fresno Fair tomorrow…then went and saw “Whip It”…then the final team meeting.

Tonight, Marsha (of the LLS), and CharlieBob gave us all the lowdown on the hills and the Nike Marathon and the Gu, and ….AND I’m starting to fidget.  I mean fidget like crazy, like bounce around.  Rick, my mentor is sitting next to me saying You’ll be fine.  You will.  You don’t need the early start, and you will get across the finish line and …

I’m freaking out.

6 thoughts on “it’s T minus 3 days.

  1. Ah, the pre-marathon freakout. You are going to do great things at Nike! BTW, if you haven’t seen the movie “Spirit of the Marathon”, I highly recommend it as a pre-marathon ritual.

  2. PS, I rented Spirit of the Marathon from Netflix, but then I loved it so much I bought it from I’m sure you can rent it from just about any video store. Its a documentary, so will probably be in that section.

  3. You will be fine. It’s nice to see you finally getting excited about it. Your only goal is to finish in one piece. Have fun and thank the volunteers!

  4. You are going to do great in this marathon! I wish I could run the Nike Marathon! Sounds like so much fun! Good luck and enjoy the run!

  5. I’m not going to be back online before the big day – but it would be great to see you! My digits are 214-517-4194. I don’t get texts, so just feel free to call! Good luck if I don’t get to give you a hug before hand!

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