My training.  Brought to you by the numbers.

  • 2465 the amount of money raised for TNT
  • 57 donors
  • 464.9 miles in training
  • 24 weeks of training
  • 93.9 biggest month of running (September)
  • 283 miles on my Mizuno Wave Alchemy 8. + 26.2 after Sunday
  • 6 races since TNT training started
  • 20…Mile 20.  Where I volunteered for the LA Marathon, and where you see what’s left.
  • 30:48 New and only PR this training in the Modesto 5K
  • 1 out of 1.  Medal I won in the Udder Run.  I was the only one in my category.  But, it was mine.
  • 8-26 The day my world fell apart
  • 2 missed long runs because of previous bullet
  • 40 days until i recovered significantly
  • 8 pounds lost
  • 1 amazing running partner, Kim, who ran the whole thing with me during the week
  • 1 parent 1 sister 2 sons coming to cheer me on at Nike
  • amazing support group of friends too numerous to count

I have my suitcase.  I have my packet.  Tonight, I ran a short 2.8, and prayed that on Sunday, I feel as good as I did tonight. 

2 years ago, on Halloween, Kim said to me, “let’s start running…”, and here we are, three training plans later, 2 years…and I am going to be running my first marathon on Sunday.

And, I will finish.  You give me strength every day.

9 thoughts on “marathon by the numbers

  1. Love it love it love it!!!!! Did I tell you I love it!

    One foot in front of the other. And if your head fills with doubt somewhere along the course – rememeber this post.

    I’ll be stalking you!

  2. Nike Women’s Marathon is soooo yours. You cannot be any more ready missy!!! I am really excited for you. I can feel it in your postings how excited you are!! Just have fun out there. You can do it!!! You will do it!!!!

    Love ya and your smile is pretty awesome too!!!!

  3. Hell yes you will finish and YOU FINISHED!!!! You are a MARATHONER! CONGRATS!! you did it thru all the hell you’ve been thru! You did it! I hope you are smiling and feeling so proud of yourself! because we are VERY proud of you!



    JUST SMILE!!!!

    I KNOW I AM!!!!

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