It’s Year Two. Cotton Runnerversary.

Halloween 2007, Kim & I with 5 kids between us.

100_0963(circa 10-31-2007)

Trick or Treating

She says,

“Hey, wanna run?”

I’m like, sure.  How hard could it be?

We start training that week.

9 weeks, and we had our first 5K

and pancakes and hamburgers after

because we deserved it, after all.

seriously.  we only burned 300 calories.

but, the effort.

and now.

Personal Records

2 Mi 19:25 9:43 Udder Run
3.1 Mi 30:47 9:56 5K Kaiser Permanente Modesto Classic
5 Mi 53:35 10:43 Hilmar Udder Run-5 miler
6.2 Mi 1:07:15 10:51 Get Out & Run 10K
7.45 Mi 1:24:49 11:24 Emerald Across The Bay 12K
Half Marathon 2:42:00 12:22 River City Half Marathon
Marathon 5:58:16 13:41 Nike Women’s Marathon



That’s not the half of it.

The most important parts of the training runs:

The therapy before and after.

Because, after all.  Anyone can run.

We think this is our hill:


It takes someone special to be a partner.

To be at your door rain or shine.

To run quietly next to you while you cry, to cover you when you need a facility, to make you laugh.

Funniest Schwag: Groceries.  100_1436

To be a partner takes real commitment.

Thanks, Kim!

IMG_0038Udder Run 2009IMG_0299Kim Almond Blossom 2


Happy Runnerversary!


9 thoughts on “year 2 runnerversary

  1. Congrats on the two year runnerversity! Did you ever imagine you’d have accomplished a marathon in that time? Excellent work by both you and Kim.

  2. I’m so proud of you! Wow! A lot has happened in your two years! I know there will be two more and then some…and at some point, we will run together…a race or a training run…we will run! Happy Runnerversary!

  3. awww yeahh!!! I will some day find a good running partner to share all those moments with. until then i’ll just make hubs hear all about it

  4. Great post! Congrats on your 2 yr! What a great 2 yrs to reflect on! Here’s to the next next 2 great years of running!

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