I seem to like these things.  Except they are not my friends when I’m running.  Okay, a little bit of chocolate I guess is okay.  Chips and Cheese?  Not so much.

Nike was 2 weeks ago.  I’ve been waiting since Friday for new Mizunos to show up on my doorstep.  I have 3 runs this week before Fresno Half Marathon on Sunday.

I have gained 3 pounds since Nike…thinking, well that’s normal…because I’m not running.  This thought turned into, You know what? I deserve to relax after 25 weeks of training, …which turned into running?…I can run…I ran a marathon…No need to get overly anxious here.

The new shoes finally come today.  I am so excited I throw them on my feet.  I meet Kim in between two scout meetings for a 4 miler.  I’m thinking…4? NO PROBLEM.

Wrong.  Big problem.  Not only do my toes tingle (always in new Mizunos), I feel as if I’m carrying two brawling cats in a bag in my butt!  Seriously!  3 pounds felt HARD tonight!

We start out on our first mile, then do the dreaded Stockton/Doak loop, which has crap asphalt, and even crappier lighting.  As we are coming up Acacia, by the High School, there are tons of cars, which we weave in and out of…we run across at odd angles.  Kim says to me, “Don’t they know WE RUN THIS TOWN?” 

…and we do.

But things that start with Ch.  These things have no place in my marathon dietary plans.  They are not BAD things, I just have no shut-down when it starts.

…and just like that…we are back to training.



3 thoughts on “Ch. Things that start with Ch.

  1. Big fan of the 2 Ch.’s! Maybe a little too much but I keep on running so I can have some Ch.’s every now and then 🙂

    Welcome back to training, I have been out of the loop in th eblog world for sometime and never said CONGRATULATIONS ON NIKE!!!!

  2. champion also starts with ch, as well as challenge.

    you do the first to become the second. Nike proves you are a champion.

    the first run back is always the hardest.

  3. Oh hello! Yeah, I know that feeling where the butt’s got a little extra jiggle on the jog. Mine usually comes from CHinese food. I agree though, CHeese is no friend of the marathoner-in-training. I cut it out most dairy entirely when I trained for NYC last year and it was brilliantly effective.

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