Fresno Half Marathon Report

Can I write a race report in 15 minutes?  (That’s when a cake comes out of the oven…the Mom treat my boys get when they come home on Sunday).

Okay.  Don’t let the title fool you.  I did not get a BQ, nor did I do the Full Marathon, but today, completed a Half Marathon in FRESNO.  Fresno?  The home of the awesome Championship Baseball team, and my Alma Mater for both BA and MS degrees.  But, you say…nothing ever happens in Fresno.

Well.  That was then, this is now.  This year’s Eye Q Two Cities Marathon was only its second offering.  I missed last year due to PF injury, and the race reporters gave me a free bib for this year.  Kim decided a few weeks ago to run it with me.

I woke at 3:30am, and picked her up at 4, for a 100 mile drive to Fresno.  My eyes were slamming shut at Chowchilla, so she drove us right into the Herndon Starbucks. 

We got to the race about 5:50, and it was starting to get packed with cars.  We parked, and had to find a line to get our bib, since we weren’t able to come down.  No big drama.  Just a few folks in a line, quietly handing out bibs and shirts.  Very nice people.  Chairs.  No table.

I get into the Half Marathon line, and this guy comes to the girl at front saying, “I left my chip at the hotel!!! Can you get me to the race with another chip?”  They stared at him.  I remembered that Danica had run a killer race in Long Beach…without a timing chip, and knew how awful this would be.  I said, “Where’s your hotel?”  He told us, and I said, “We’ll take you!”  It was 6:20, Half Mary started at 7. 

It was then his story started.  He missed his BQ in Long Beach by ONE MINUTE, and wanted to get it in Fresno.  Can’t give you his full name, cuz the best part…He’s sober in AA 4 years, and me with 30…well we had lots to talk about.  Cue up keystone cops, and racing a few miles away ensued.  We got him to his hotel room, and got back to the course just minutes before we lined up …I used the dreaded portapotties with success…and we were off.

Kim and I hit mile 3 at 31:00, which is SHOCKING for me…we walked, and she took off.  I ran and stopped at mile 5.  It was a gently slopping downgrade, then up a little, but VERY pleasant, and I was loving this race.  It was about 48 degrees at race start, so excellent weather.  At mile 6, I took an S!Cap, then Mile 7 took a LONG time to get there.  Turns out that the mile marker was actually aroung 7.87, which is win for everyone.

Drank and stopped, walked a bit…took out music. 

Then a hill which I thought was TOTALLY unnecessary at mile 9.  Then, I remembered Nike, and knew I could take the hill.  My quads were happy, as the run was pretty flat, so they had something to do.

Mile 10-12, I saw these two girls who were TOTALLY in makeup and hair and I was trying to pass these Barbies way back at Mile 7.  They were cramping, and I gave them my last 2 S!CAPS.  You know these things are magical, and they were very happy.  At Mile 12, I heard Josh say to me, “Run till your wheels fall off”, an email he sent earlier in the week.  I passed the Beer stand quickly…which was a little scary in the moment, but then got over to the finish.  I powered pass a couple of people I had been trying to pass for miles.  I suddenly had some fresh legs.

My unofficial time:  2:33:56, a new PR record.  I shaved off 10:36 from the April Half Marathon of Death.

I was thrilled.

People, let me tell you about this schwag.  We got a tech shirt and hat w/registration, but we rounded a corner, and were given a gray sweatshirt, with red stripes down the side, and our medal.  Then.  HOT breakfast.  I have never had a HOT breakfast at a race.  Scrambled eggs, sausage, bagels, coffee, potatoes.  Then.  Ice cream sundaes.  It’s like a party for your mouth.  AMAZING people and volunteers, supportive staff, helpful in every way.

We were looking at our clocks.  Our friend Mike M. had to get 3:20 to BQ.  We ran over to the finish line.  Just in time.  He turned the corner, and I was never so happy.  His time?  3:15.  He’s going to Boston.  We saw him and congratulated him.  He was thrilled.

Runners are the best people.  On Twitter, which is where I spend more and more of my time, Anotorias made me a KILLER playlist, and SpeedySasquatch had sent me a running plan for this one week post marathon.  The running community on Twitter is absolutely amazing.  I thought of all of the ones I know there.  Eric and I love the Fatboy Slim Wonderful Night song, parodied by Craig Ferguson, and it always make me laugh when I hear it.  So many people I thought of while running today…

And.  No.  I didn’t get a BQ.  BUT.  I may just run a full at 5:00:00 someday.  Today was a great run.  Great course, flat and fast.  Thank you FRESNO!!! Watching Mike come in was the topper.  Seriously, it made my day.

Next up:  LA Marathon Training plan…because, how could I not run a race that starts in Dodger Stadium??

15 thoughts on “Get your BQ…right here. Yes, in Fresno.

  1. i thought about you today running that half mary. awesome. you inspire me, seriously. i’m ready to grow a little and am running a 10K in 2 weeks. my 1st half mary is in March and i hope to have half the fun your report here has.

  2. HOLY CRAP! You are running LA! PARTY! You know my plan is to sub 5 – we should stick together during the race 😉

  3. WOW! Congrats on the PR and kudos for helping another runner dude get a BQ! HOT breakfast AND ice cream? I may just have to put this on my list for next year!

  4. Awesome job on what sounds like a great Marathon and Half Marathon!!! Nicely done! I’ve never been to Fresno…might be worth a trip next year!

    Great Job!!

  5. Nicely Done!! What a great write-up. You are obviously so passionate about your running, keep up the good work and good luck in the LA marathon.



  6. Congrats on the PR! This was a great race report, and love the story about helping a new friend get his BQ.


  7. Congrats on the huge PR. And MAJOR KUDOS for volunteering to take Mike to his hotel You should be some kind of ambassador for our sport. Cheers!

  8. way to kill your race and get a new PR, and how wonderful it was of you to help out another runner. you are the best kind of runner, supportive, helpful, and one who never gives up on herself!!!

  9. CONGRATS on the PR! Awesome! And after totally hooking that guy up, you really deserved it. That’s great for him that you were there to help him on his way to his BQ. Woo hoo all around!

  10. Hi Dear, Who would have thought that the teenager we sent off to college at Fresno State in 1976 would be running a half marathon there in 2009? So Proud of you darling and taking 10 minutes off your time is GREAT. See you soon. Love, Mom

  11. Just catching up, congrats on the PR!

    Yes the community is amazing but individually everyone is amazing too!

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