Here I am.  On a Friday.  Guess it’s gonna be bullet points today.

  • I think I’m falling in love with running.  Have taken off 8 pounds from the beginning of the year, and am starting to *feel* it.
  • Ran 2x this week, 3.9 miles each.  In the 10:30 range.  It was nighttime, so I’m a bit faster, but I was smiling for most of it.
  • FAIL to one of my town’s Health Clubs (not mine), who wouldn’t open their door for me to use the bathroom.  I was far away from one, and they just shook their heads.  Really? 
  • KUDOS to my boss, who helps me see the reality of where I teach.  I de-Twittered myself yesterday.  Anyone who knows me KNOWS I ❤ Twitter, but I really like this job, and I really want to keep it. {alert: ONLY from my work computer, during school/student hours!!}
  • Dating.  It’s starting to happen.  I think I’m ready.  I have no idea, but three years is a long time.  So, it’s time.
  • My kids are amazing.  I never write about them here, but we will be in the middle of breakfast when it’s time for me to go.  They get up, and put paper, lunch, purse, iPhone, glasses, coffee in my car.  Hand me my keys, give me a kiss.  Just like my Mom used to do for my Dad, except it’s really rushed at my house in the morning.
  • My dogs.  Starting to get aggressive with each other.

I’ve decided to claim my dream.  I have been talking about this for awhile, but especially after I finished the Nike Women’s Marathon.  I want to qualify to run the Boston Marathon.  At age 60, I have to run a 4:30:00 marathon to do it.  I have 10 years.  I am planning on it.

Happy Friday, and next week starts training for the Los Angeles Marathon.  Stadium to Sea.  I can’t wait.

13 thoughts on “Friday, Post Half

  1. You can so reach your BQ goals. I’m following your path there. There’s no way I’m running a 3:10 in this lifetime. I think I could BQ it at 40. What do you know? Ten years!

    Go get it! Cheers!

  2. Woo Hoo…look at you planning your BQ future! I LOVE that!!

    Sorry your dogs are getting aggressive towards each other…has anything changed lately?

    And dating..hmm..tell me how that goes! I think i’ve just about given up on the dating scene! First of all i have zero time to go out and where do you meet “nice men”…do they even exist??

  3. Those are very good goals!!, and also, your achievements are amazing!!, great work!!

    Keep up the good work!!


  4. awesome goals, we’ll be here to support you! glad your kids rock, I was more of a pain for my mom.

  5. I loved your post over on miz’s blog this morning and came over to visit. I’ll be following your running–long time walker, just starting to challenge myself with running!

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