So.  The question is why we do this.

Before I answer that or totally plagiarize Josh’s blog, I will tell you about my last few runs.  7 miles done on Sunday.  My last mile was a 9:20.  Trying to figure out how to run faster, and not simply finish, is my new mission.  Kim and I ran without stopping, and it was ALL good.

My calf had been acting up, and I’m sure it’s because I simply cannot plyos correctly, but I have not done them for several days.

Why do I run?  The answer is, simply…I have no idea.

At first, it was because I was teaching PE, and being the lazy person I am, I didn’t have lesson plans, so we did Couch to 5K for 9 weeks.  Then, Kim mentioned she wanted to start running in 07, so we did that.  THEN, we happened to apply to the NIKE lottery (she did half, me full), and I got in.  So, I trained with TNT.  This is all old news.

This is not a bucket list thing, because I simply don’t have one.  Well, now that I run, I’d like to run Boston by the time I’m 55 (look! new goal!).  It’s not because I can, or anything silly like that. 

I feel as though I’m Forrest Gump, and one day, I just started running.  And, I guess when I’m done, I’ll simply stop.

Meanwhile, Josh got me thinking today.

Now, I run for Ali, who has a cast on her foot, and is laid up for 4 weeks.  I run for my little sisters, one who is diabetic, and the other who has two squished vertebrae, and had to have a cortisone shot & epidural today.  I run to show my boys that I can.

Running has helped me shake out the demons.  When I needed to most. 

Forrest Gump: My Mama always said you’ve got to put the past behind you before you can move on.


5 thoughts on “Magic Shoes

  1. Because I “get” Forrest Gump, I also “get” you! Run, Ms. V, run!

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